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I hired a Fashion Stylist for a week and it changed my life

31 Mar , 2017  


A personal fashion stylist can be your secret weapon to looking fab!

Major life changing resolutions often come at the start of a new year, or in anticipation of our reaction to some other milestone. Mine did not. My attempt at overhauling my life just happened after having my own personal entourage of fashion experts.

The first expert I met, came to my place and made a minor change in my wardrobe. The stylist made me put on everything in my closet just in order to see the selection of my outfits. For every robe, the stylist asked me, how I styled it, when and where I wore it and how I felt in it. A personal stylist doesn’t know the story behind what is in your closet – if you have a piece that you do or don’t want to wear for a reason let them know. If a piece highlights a part of you that you like or don’t like – let them know. The more information the better to help you feel your best. I realized that I’ve held on to a lot of things from years ago that still fit and aren’t outdated, but I don’t wear them, so they aren’t worth trying to make work. The expert explained that cleaning out your wardrobe, in particular, can be difficult because a lot of us have serious emotional attachments to our clothes, and romanticize pieces even if we haven’t worn them in years. She also told me that by just looking at a client she can tell how confident the client feels in something.

So, could I have done this on my own? Maybe, but not as well as I did with my stylist’s help. And a major bonus of having her as my fashion stylist was that she’d suggest something I could but that could replace what I was getting rid of and considerably suit me well. I enjoy shopping and putting together outfits, so I don’t necessarily feel like I’d need help shopping for myself, but having access to someone who knows what’s in almost every store you’d be interested in is a major plus when you’re on the hunt for something specific. So, hiring a stylist really helps you a lot, by hiring someone like this you get to know yourself better, you change the way you used to get dressed and lastly look more organized and up-to-date and more confident then you looked before.


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