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24 Jun , 2015  


Job market news doesn’t always have to be stuffy and pessimistic, does it? Absolutely not! In fact, there are a lot of things going on in our job market right now that should give you a reason to smile- if only a little bit. Kakcho is taking a look at really odd jobs that can make you some money.

What if your vacation was your life? Wouldn’t that be a dream job? Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that interesting, odd work exists. This is lucky for you because it means there are that many more jobs available. A unique job, in our book, can be anything
that you get paid to do that you enjoy. Believe it, cool, unique, odd and fun jobs are in abundance.

On top of that, you can find out-of-the-box jobs that don’t require a college degree and can actually make you a good deal of money. What’s more is that a lot of influential people, such as Mitt Romney, agree that college isn’t the end all-be all for young adults. While college is still a really important factor in the lives of young adults, it’s true that you can make it in life without it.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

 Lipstick Reader
This is perhaps one of the oddest jobs out of the bunch. A lipstick reader is someone who can take a look at the imprint that lipstick-clad lips leave on a piece of paper to tell you a bit about yourself and perhaps even your future. Lipstick Reading is the science of deciphering certain characteristics of a person based o n physical features. Apparently this is a new hit for small parties and social gatherings. If you can master the craft, you can earn $25 to $30 doing this.

Film Extra
Those people standing around in the background of movies and shows have to be paid. That person could be you and you could earn $100 to $200 a day for the sheer presence of your body. You can sign up with an agency for these kinds of jobs or you can just look for advertisements in the paper. Of course, a lot of this work is waiting and then just standing, but for wouldn’t you wait around, stand and do nothing for $200?


Human Statue or Live Mannequin
So, you know those odd people that paint themselves completely silver or gold and stand around hot attractions while people stand around usually waiting in line? Or you’ll find them in the city posted up on the sidewalk along a busy street to gain attention. When they get a tip, they change their pose and continue to stand there as if they were a statue. With a little bit of body paint and a relevant clothing, that could be you. If you are actually hired for an event to do this you could make as much as $100 an hour. Of course, standing still for hours is harder than it looks, but again- $100 an hour for standing around?





Nail Polish Tester

  Finally, a job where you’re paid to keep your nails as perfect and untouched as possible.Nail Box, a British nail polish subscription service, is searching for nail testers to try, test, and review 50 nail polishes and accessories every month for a year — $55,375.42, at the current exchange rate. The job seems straightforward enough. Each tester gets a package each month which includes polishes to test and photograph. Packages include “top coats, base coats, treatments, the latest nail polishes, nail files, and foils,”



Personal Shopper                                                                                                                                
Being a personal shopper would be a dream job for many people, and it can also pay very well. The money’s probably not great if you work in your local high street clothes shop, but some personal shoppers earn more than $100,000 a year. It’s all about where you work, and who your clients are.

Body Part Model                                                                                                                                                                                            This makes the list of unusual jobs because although there are a lot of these models, we don’t really hear about them. They may not earn much first starting out, but they can earn more than $1000 for an afternoon’s ‘work.’ The purpose of a body part model is essentially to model one specific part of their body. This can be for advertisements that only need a picture of the eyes, or a hand, but is more commonly to fill in for models that may have an imperfect body part.

This is just a glimpse of some of the oddest jobs that can actually earn you some cash. There are so many other jobs you could do that are interesting and can earn you a good amount of money. Being creative and willing to step outside of the box is definitely something that is needed in order to do these kinds of jobs.

There are plenty of unusual jobs out there, and people don’t often know very much about them. As such, we often assume that they aren’t very highly paid jobs, as we tend to think we are familiar with most jobs with high salaries: being a doctor, lawyer, banker or senior manager, for example. However, the rewards for doing an unusual jobs are often high

You may not realize how many opportunities are right in front of your face. They exist in every nook and and cranny of the worldand waiting for someone like you to jump at the opportunity

The best way to find a cool job is to consider this question….If you could work anywhere and do anything what would you do ????????

by Krena Jain.





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