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Incorporate These In Your Grooming Regime This New Year: For Men

31 Dec , 2018  



Baths are relaxing and we all need a bit of pampering once in a while. Get some bath bombs, facemasks, put on your favourite playlist and pour yourself a drink and enjoy a home-spa experience.

Facial Hairstyles

You shouldn’t have to settle for one type of a beard. Try different facial hair styles which would suit your face. You could also refer to our guide to help you do so.


This is the 21stcentury and men care about their skincare routines as much as women now. Experiment with oils for your face, body and beard. No one likes the feel of a sticky moisturizer, try a facial oil, it penetrates deeper than a moisturizer and keeps your skin hydrated.


Retinol is good for treating acne and helps reduce the signs of ageing. Consult your dermatologist and put it on before you go to bed and watch your skin transform within a few months.

Signature Scent

Ever recognised a person from afar from the perfume they wear? Having a signature scent keeps you from the hassle of finding a new perfume each time you run out of one and gives you a signature identity as well. 

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