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15 Nov , 2017  



How many times have we looked in the mirror and thought what others will think about our body? The way we look? The way those extra inches bulges when you wear that tight fitted T-shirt? How many times did you actually wanted to wear that bodycon dress which your favorite actress wore in the latest movie but you can’t, simply because you are way too distant from that ‘perfect’ body that the actress has? The answer to that is almost all the time. But the other type of body shaming that people have to deal with is being ‘too skinny’. Yes, being thin or skinny even can make you a target for other people.
Celebrities have been under a constant pressure to maintain an ideal body image. Anything not matching it makes them easily a victim of body shaming. Sometimes factors affecting their overall health takes a backseat while constantly trying to maintain the ideal figure.

Such problems were faced by Kourtney Kardashian. The Kardashian sisters have always been in the spotlight for their lifestyle, fashion, and other controversies. Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest and the one with much fewer media exposure has been in news for having the perfect figure always. From gowns to bikinis, she could carry all and with grace. Still, during her initial days, she was body shamed for being too skinny. But now Kourtney, mother of 3 started putting on weight after the birth of her last child. Pregnancy does change your body a lot. And fat shamming someone for that does no good. Being told to lose weight all the time does create a mental pressure and simultaneously you can lose your confidence. She was continuously told to lose weight and get back to shape not only by the media but by her family members too, after which she has started to hit back gym and get back in shape.
Being too fat, too thin is many a time not in our hand. We are blessed with a kind of body structure and what we need to be focusing more on is having a healthy body. But for that, we need to bring a change in our mindset. Unless we accept our body and feel confident in our skin we can’t let others feel the same about us. Skinny shaming is wrong. Fat shaming is wrong. All body shaming is wrong. Let’s put body shaming to rest and spread a little less criticism and more kindness. Give out a compliment instead of criticism. It might make someone’s day and maybe yours too.

We need to stop this at this very moment, and we can do that by making people who shame others realise how this affects life of those who go through this and how dangerous it is for their minds and bodies both to be body shamed just because they don’t land into the definition of beauty and perfection set by the society.

For this, we ask people to come together by taking up a challenge and accepting their mistake in front of the world. Take up this #Mirchichallenge and take a pledge that you ‘ll never body sham, anyone.

We bring to you a fun challenge #MIRCHICHALLENGE which you must take up and take a pledge to never body shame anyone, you just have to follow the steps:

Take a green chili and make a video of yourself eating the whole chili

Upload it on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Use the hashtags #STOPIT and #MIRCHICHALLENGE

Tag 3 of your friends asking them to take this challenge and tag 3 of their friends

Spice up your lives a little by taking this challenge.

Join us in this movement and show your support clickhttps://crescendospeak.com/campaigns/78057/Stop-It.aspx


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