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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Working Out

1 Feb , 2019  


Stand up!

Sitting in one position all day freezes our spine in one position. Stand up when you’re travelling in the metro or bus, try standing up in a pub if you’re not a fan of dancing and move around the house. Keep yourself moving!

Exercise in Bed

Flex and stretch on your bed. They are one of the cosiest places in the world and you won’t even feel like you are working out! Sit in the middle of the bed with your feet as wide as you can take them and hold like you’re doing splits. Spend a few minutes everday doing that. 

Watch TV

We all have our favourite shows that we just can’t miss out and those are the ones that keep us the most distracted. Well, time to utilise that! Walk on a treadmill while watching your favourite show or do floor stretches while you catch up on your favourite series.

HIIT It and Quit It

Opt for a HIgh-Internsity Workout. Just ten minutes a day can make a major difference. Follow this video for a 10 minute workout you can do everyday!

Outdoor Gym

These may not be easy to find, but a lot of children’s parks have these. Go on pull-up bars, parallel bars and any random things that will get you started. You can do it with your mates for fun to make it not seem like a task.


Our natural resting position is squatting but we get introduced a new resting position, i.e., sitting, pretting early in our lives. Western toilets have not helped the situation at all. Just spend 3 minutes every day squatting. If it’s hard for you to squat initially, wear heels! And then gradually work your way down to being bare feet. 

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