#STOPIT, All About Kakcho, Stop It!

Let’s stop it! Once and for all.

22 Nov , 2017  



‘Body Shaming’, a term that has become too popular recently because we all are kind of too obsessed with our appearance! It’s actually us who has created this image and now that it’s getting on our nerves, we are trying our best possible ways to prevent it and let’s stop it.
Turn on the TV – You will find the actors in that nearly unattainable figures.
Open a magazine – You will see those tall, fair models showing off their best features.
Celebrity news channels criticize new moms for their failure to be in shape.

What people fail to understand is the consequences of body shaming on individuals. It actually destroys their confidence. Instead of holding their head high – they look down so that people don’t notice them. Instead of feeling beautiful, they feel ugly and unwanted. In a room full of people they would try to hide. Continuous body shaming can lead someone to adopt unhealthy lifestyles like excessive dieting, unhealthy food habits, and extensive gymming. In some extreme cases, it even leads to anxiety and depression. And depression can be fatal. It has the power to make someone feel unloved. It causes so many insecurities that they can’t love themselves let alone expect love and acceptance from others. And we should not do that to anyone.  It’s time to stop shaming others and ourselves. We keep saying and pretend that we never, ever would do but 99% of the time we have done it, to others and us. Body shaming comes as much from inside a from outside. and mostly its not the person we shame, it’s usually the insecurities and weight issues. You might be thinking “I would never” but if we get honest and think, then we will realize that at some point we have said something to someone which might would have someone. We all have. It’s a common thing to do, a common defense mechanism. But it does not help you feel good about your body. It does not make you better than anyone, rather it makes you look bad.

Instead of pulling each other down because they don’t fit in the standard set by us and judging them on their appearance we should first accept them so that they don’t feel down. There is no lower place than hating yourself because of the way you look and it is not fair if we compel someone to that point. We have to broaden our mind and accept “all” body types. We need to encourage each other rather than bring down. Sometimes body shaming doesn’t come from outside. Sometimes we are the cruelest to ourselves and these words can be just as hurtful as the words coming from other people. Our bodies are different. Whether thick, thin or curvy. None is flawless. We all were created different and we need to love those differences. We need to love ourselves.
Live life a little fully. Have fun. Feel confident in you skin. Treat your body kindly. Love it. And most importantly we drop the idea of “perfect body”.  Remind yourself that you are beautiful and perfectly imperfect. Look at yourself and notice the things that you love, not the things that you hate.

It’s time now we have to take some action to this press #stopit


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