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17 Nov , 2017  



Our society is consumed by the idea of ‘perfection’ and unfortunately we have become so engulfed in appearance that we lose track of what is really important. Women are often stereotyped in negative ways. Magazines and the entertainment industry leave no stone unturned to portray women as size 0, tan, blonde etc. But when the conversation about body shaming arises, we often talk only about how it is done to women or how it affects them. We do not account for the body shaming done to men and boys. Despite public opinion, body image issues are not limited to females only. The truth is men undergo body shaming too. From getting that perfect jawline, masculine shoulders and six packs or eight packs abs, people around us have set an unattainable image for men too. Girls often talk about those tall, dark and handsome guys they want to date which pushes the other men in complexities.

Meanwhile, the media pressure has been increasing as movies and magazines increasingly display bare chest men with impossibly chiseled physique and six packs abs.
Recently pop star Liam Payne took to Instagram where he shared his body mass index, in an attempt to prove that he is not overweight. Liam Payne started getting a bit of battering in social media recently apparently for putting on a little weight. He started getting more attention that focused on his weight when he appeared on a video message to a fan.
But Payne took a good job on the criticism and replied to them in a sarcastic way by posing in a shirt that was stuffed with pillows and with a caption that read “I mean OH MY GOD I’m just so fat these days I think I need help! Quick someone takes the cookie jar.”
And he didn’t stop there. He further uploaded a picture with his BMI to show the fat shammers that he is normal weight.

Now that’s a good way to reply all the haters, but it cannot change much in our society. The root cause of all this is actually us. It’s our deepest fears and insecurities. When people are not happy with themselves, they become jealous and they tend to lash out everyone around them and focus on everything wrong with someone else.
The only way to stop body shaming is to first look at ourselves and accepts us first.
We need to stop this at this very moment, and we can do that by making people who shame others realise how this affects life of those who go through this and how dangerous it is for their minds and bodies both to be body shamed just because they don’t land into the definition of beauty and perfection set by the society.


Let’s get together and say NO to these bullies



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