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21 Apr , 2017  




The first day in college, want to look attractive? but you are excited and nervous at the same time. Welcome to a new phase of life i.e. college life. A new beginning, new people, new environment, Gone are those days we have spent without makeup and now we had to leave our uniforms and switch it on to casual dress every day? Are you worried and confused what to wear  in college and have a fear of repeating clothes? So here are few tips how for your style goals in college.


Descent clothes

First day in the college wear something decent. As we know the first impression is the last impression. So, wear something decent like simple dresses or with a pair of jeans and a light makeup. Remember girls! Decency is very important, don’t expose much.


Go For Black

If you are that confused then wear black, be it a dress, top or a pair of black jeans. Black color is never outdated. Black color gives a classy and elegant look to impress. They will know by your way of choosing the color that you have that sense to choose which one is the best.



Be Stylish With Desi Look

You must experiment with your Desi avatar because most guys love to watch girls in Indian attire than western. You can wear paatialas, salwar or a kurti will do.



Fresher’s Day

Everyone waits for this special day in college life. If theme is formal attire then please go for your own traditional attire. Because we believe a women looks pretty when they drape their saree nicely, line of kajal, shade of lipstick and bangles in hand. The traditional Indian way is the best way to impress seniors.



Casual dress

Sometimes to change your looks, go for dresses or jumpsuits in summer so that you look fresh with the season. give them an impression that you have an idea to wear according to the season.




Wear a nice pair of shoes to attract seniors because it is very important part of your attire. Hem your jeans to match your shoes with your outfit. You can also match your shoes with  your handbags.


Carry yourself with confidence. Confidence is the best way to impress your seniors. Kick off that nervousness and be confident enough and you will see that you have already impressed your seniors.

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