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Makeup for Hooded Eyes

12 Jan , 2019  


To determine whether you have hooded eyes. Open your eyes and grab a mirror. If you see a lack of visible eyelid space, you have hooded eyes. You’d see droopy lids like so. 

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes:

  • Prime Your Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, you’re aware of the dreaded amount of lid space. Smudged eyeshadow and eyeliner are one of the blessings that come along with hooded eyes and hence, we recommend a primer or a concealer on your lids so your eyeshadow stays put all day.

  • Matte Makeup

Matte eyeshadow won’t highlight your hooded lid unlike shimmery shadows. Apply shimmery eyeshadows at the centre of your lid just above your eyeball. Add some dark eyeshadow below your lower lashline two-third of the way through and apply a lighter shimmery shade in the inner one-third to open up your eyes futher.

  • Inner Corner Highlight

Use an inner corner highlight to brighten up your eyes and just below your browbone. 

  • Keep Your Eyes Open When Applying Makeup

If you apply a winged liner with your eyes closed or if you tug on your eyelids while applying it, the end result would probably be very different from your expected one. Since your hood won’t be visible if you close your eye, apply eyeshadows and eyeliner with your eye half-open. 

  • Waterproof Makeup

Because of the hood, the makeup tends to transfer on the top of your lid. Use waterproof formulas to prevent smudged makeup and to keep it transfer-proof. 

  • Eyeliner

Due to the lack of space of your eyelid, keep your eyeliner thin or you will close-up your eyes even more. Use a white pencil liner to tightline the bottom lashline to make your eyes look more open.

  • Cat-Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can seem droopy. Winged liner helps make your eyes look upturned. 

  • Fake A Crease

Draw a crease just above your crease with a darker eyeshadow and blend it nicely to give an illusion of a higher eyelid. 

Some celebrities with Hooded Eyes:

Alia Bhatt
Camilla Belle
Blake Lively
Jennifer Lawrence

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