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Makeup Tips For Glasses

4 Jan , 2019  


Conceal Your Dark Circles

Spectacles can actually accentuate your dark under eyes! If there’s anything that you shouldn’t skip in your makeup routine, it’s the concealer. Dab the concealer gently and set it with a translucent powder to avoid creasing.


Eyebrows frame the face. If you have a bold frame, your eyebrows need to be strong. If you have sparse or light-coloured brows, make sure to shape and fill them in to keep the look put-together.

Experiment With Eyeliner Shades

If you have black coloured frames, you can go with almost any coloured eyeliner. If you have a bright coloured frame, choose softer, neutral colours to balance the colours out.


Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes so that they don’t hit the lenses of your glasses. Go heavy at the roots to keep them curled and away from the lenses. Use a waterproof formula to prevent them flaking on your lenses and under your eye. 

Balancing The Lips

If you have bold framed spectacles, balance them out with a bold coloured lip. You can go with dark or bright lip colours.

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