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Makeup Tips from Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist, Sir John

31 Jan , 2019  


Skincare Is Very Important

“I like to apply foundation to wet skin, as it adheres in a really organic way. So apply your moisturiser and then go on top with your foundation before the moisturiser dries. It gives you much more seamless coverage and looks modern and real,” he told Vogue.

Good Lighting

Lighting can be deceiving. Bad lighting can make you look ashy. To check whether your foundation looks right, check yourself in the natural light.

You Need More Than One Foundation

You need at least two foundations. Your skin tone is darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. Use your dark foundation as bronzer for winters. Have two concealers as well. One for covering up problem areas and the other one for brightening the areas of your face.  

Go For Full-Coverage When Required

It’s nice to see a bit of dark circles, the natural colour of your eyelid and freckles. Go for full coverage only when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Loose Powder Is Key

Beyoncé wiped her face on stage at Coachella and her makeup still didn’t come off, why you ask? Loose powder! Buff your foundation in your skin and set it with a powder focusing mainly on your T-zone. Layer a powder blush on top of cream blush. Don’t use pressed powder on the eyes, it ages the skin.

Strategically Place Highlight

Go for a luminous highlighter without large particles and tap it on with fingers. Go for a highlight that is visible from the sides and not from the front. 

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