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2 Jun , 2015  


Summers are already here. The good part about summer is we get to wear light, breezy, colourful clothes; however the not so-good part is to deal with stinky, smelly and sweaty days. These summer woes can spoil our day completely. But fret not we bring you tips for beauty and fashion this summer.
Summer is unbearable. The heat, the sweat, the sun literally drives a person crazy. In such a weather to keep up with fashion is bit tricky. But why get worried??? With some creative ingenuity you can take full advantage of summers best offerings by following a few hacks , wearing comfortable clothes with a stylish flair and look fresh at all times without too much of effort.
Summer is the time for flaunting your trendy summer wear. It’s not the time to get flustered but experiment with fresh and lively colours. You have to look fresh and stylish and at the same time your clothes should be able to survive the heat.
So here we are with 7 hacks for both men and women to make this summer as bright and beautiful as any other season.

  1. THE RIGHT FABRIC The right fabric will make you feel good and cool in summer season. Synthetics, like polyester and rayon do not breathe and should not be worn. The cotton, linen and silk are the options for your summer wardrobe. The fabric should be casual and fashion must suit the season.
    Generally cool whites, blues and any gentle colour fabric will be the best.
    This summer loose clothing should be “in” and body hugging clothes should be “out”.
    Loose clothes are better because your skin needs to breathe and if you wear tight fitted clothes you will feel hotter. It’s logical, isn’t it??
    Women may go for conversational T-shirts, jumpsuits, joggers, shorts, knee-length skirts and baggy or loose fitting pants. Men can go for tropical print shirts in cotton and linen, shorts, cotton pants and T-shirts.
    Use hats or umbrellas because you need them to cover your head and face from the uv-rays. Straw hats or baseball caps works the best. Girls can even go for scarf’s to have a different style statement. Choose a hat or an umbrella that accentuates with your outfit.
  4. HAIR
    It’s time for a new look, cut it shorter and see how much cooler you’ll feel. And girls if you don’t want to get your hair cut wear it up off your neck and off your face
    Avoid wearing jewellery in summer. The less you wear the better you feel. Women may accessorize themselves with a beautiful purse, shoes, scarves etc. Men can go with sling bags, wrist bands and bags completing the look.
  6. SKIN
    When you out in the hot sun, you tend to sweat a lot. Sweating keeps your skin cleansed naturally but needs to be wiped off at regular intervals in order to prevent acne breakouts.
    Use some moisturizer that will moisturize your T zone and sunscreen is an absolute must-haves in summer.
    Keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. Don’t use heavy perfumes as it tends to make you weary and dull

• Drinks lots of water
• Consume less caffeine and alcohol
• Eat more salads and seasonal foods and avoid fatty foods
• Wash your face more often with cold water
• Exercise early in the morning or late in the evening
• Meditate
With these summer hacks, I feel summer fashion will be pretty much the same for a while. Lastly, Remember, WINTER IS COMING. So, even if winter is not really coming, we know that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Chant after us.
So this summer why fit in when you were born to stand out???
Have a great summer!!!!!!!!

By Krena Jain.


Co-founder at Kakcho
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