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22 Dec , 2017  



Men! When was the last time, you actually thought about skincare and some basic skincare routine? We all understand that life is hectic, work is demanding but sparing 10-15 minutes in a day is not that hard for sure. When you take good care of your skin, it will look firm and youthful. It helps to prevent a lot of problems like acne, dark circles, and wrinkles which isn’t just common for women but men too. Over the past few years, skin care industry has created a lot of products for men, which helps them to tackle all the problems and look fresh. And it is not complicated, believe me!

First thing first.  Most of the guys don’t know their skin type. Maybe they don’t even know there exist a variety of skin types. So one has to first understand the skin type they have to choose the product that is best for them. And it is not rocket science.


Basically, there are four types of skin.

  1. Oily – Your skin secretes a lot of oil or serum and usually gets shiny in no time after washing your face. The most common problem for this type of skin is acne and pimples.
  2. Dry – Your skin feels too tight and dry. Sometimes is flaky and winters can be a little too harsh for people falling into this category.

  3. Normal – The lucky people. They don’t have oiliness issues neither they feel dry. Acne or pimples hardly pops up. People with normal skin are truly blessed.

  4. Combination – Imagine your face has a ‘T’ on it, which is basically your nose and forehead. This part is oily and the rest of you face primarily your cheeks normal or dry.

Once you know your skin type it will be easy for you to choose the skin care products since there are a lot of options available in the market.



Facial Cleanser


Every morning before you step out of the home, cleanse your face with a men’s facial cleanser. It is a really important step.  A clean face is a healthy face. It makes you feel fresh and good. And simultaneously removes dirt and impurities. Cetaphil has great quality products very light on the skin.

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Scrubbing your face with good exfoliator twice a week is equally important to maintain a healthy skin. The facial cleanser will definitely clean your face but an exfoliator deep cleanses your skin, making it smooth and glow. So investing in a good exfoliator is a great idea if you want to maintain your healthy skin. But do not over-scrub or scrub it for a longer time. Our skin is soft and over scrubbing tends to take away the moisture.

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Face Wash                                                Moisturizer 

Hydrating the face or moisturizing the face is nothing but applying men’s moisturizer in your face. Moisturizers offer a plethora of benefits: it makes your skin softer, firmer, Prevents water loss, anti-aging.  After washing your face, pat dry and apply a small quantity of moisturizer. Men with oily skin should also apply moisturizer. They should search for one that is suitable for oily skin or is water based or gel based.

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The easiest way to maintain healthy skin is by preventing any further damages.  And the only way to prevent any further damages is by applying a sunscreen. Preventing skin damage starts with protecting yourself from the harmful ray of sun and pollution. A sunscreen does that.  If you will be staying outdoor for a long period go for SPF 30+ or at least make sure your sunscreen is SPF 15+. Apply it to all the parts that are going to be exposed in the sun.

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Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. With as less as 3 products you can have a healthy skin and an effective skincare routine. All you need to do is stick to it. Last but not the least, let’s not forget the importance of drinking 2 liters water a day and incorporating healthy eating habits. Whatever we eat reflects on our skin, so eating right is equally important. Happy winters!

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