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Must Wear If You have an Apple-Shape Body

10 May , 2017  


7 Mistakes you are making if you are an Apple Body-Shape

Nowadays there are so many trends in fashion and you may not be able to follow all. So, go for something you are comfortable with your body shape. Choosing right clothes for your body shape is to balance your figure. Some of the basic tips what you must wear if you have an Apple Shape body.

1) Neckline

apple 2

Avoid tops with very high necklines, decorated neckline, off-shoulder cut, or boat neck. Choose lower and wider necklines like scoop, square, large V- neck.


2) Sleeves


Avoid cap or puff if you have big arms, you can go for 3/4 length, above the wrist, built-in shoulder pads, wrist length, flared or draped.

3) Skirts


Don’t go for pencil skirts rather opt for a flip, A- line, parallel or box pleats but they need to start at a point below your tummy, side fastening and flat fronted.

4) Footwear

apple 7

Shoes work well if you opt for platform, wedges, medium to high heels.

5) Bags

apple 8

Handbags are better than shoulder bags. Keep size medium to chunky.

6) Dresses

apple 3

Avoid tight dresses rather select A- line wear dress designs which take attention away from the tummy.

7) Tops and Shirts

apple 10apple 9

A well fitted inner is a must, simple lines avoid details and fuss, empire lines or styles that go in under your bust, open front, and opt for zips at the side.


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