It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy preparing to get themselves ready to party. December can officially be even said the party month with Christmas and New Year giving you enough reasons to get excited. Keeping up with the holidays and party season, a lot of fashion trends start appearing in the store. Christmas being officially the start of party season, it’s kitsch, it’s fun and it’s festive.
Christmas is that magical time of the year when we all set aside the usual fashion rules. Instead, we get experimental. Christmas is all about vibrant color, glitz, glamour, sequins and all things bright.
So here is a compilation of some of the trends and options you can try this party season to make heads turn in any party you attend.

1. Velvet


Velvet has always staples in a wardrobe during winters for its amazing feel and the way it can keep the body warm. But this year, it’s extra popular. This classic fabric combined with trendy style continuous to capture our heart all the time.

2. Sequins


Sequins are another common style during this time of the year. With Christmas around the corner, there is no way one can say no to the glitter. It’s blingy, it’s bright, and it spells festivity. Instead of reserving sequins for just heels or bags, this season is all about going a bit overboard with glitters.

3. Fur


Let’s not deny that Christmas night can turn out a little harsh if not dressed properly. Furs are the next big thing this winter. These are glamorous, on-trend and sure to keep you warm through the night as you party harder. Pair with a dress or your usual jeans and top and you will be making a style statement.

4. Brocade


Brocade is not a very familiar fabric, but this trend is making a comeback this season because of its strong style statement. It is often in gold and black thread or floral pattern. It is always advisable to pair brocade with minimal accessories. Since the material comprises of lots of details, pairing it with too many accessories may draw the attention out of the dress.

5. Ruffles


If you are thinking ruffles are so last season, then you are probably wrong. Given the current trends, ruffles are going nowhere fast. So if you love them, you are lucky. Starting with skirts, boots, blouses, jackets, bags- ruffles can be everywhere.

6. Embroidery


Embroidery is classy, sophisticated and an all-time favorite You can find floral embroidery on almost everything, sweaters, jackets, shoes, bags. Make sure the embroidery is neat and attractive and not over the top. Pair a nice pair of embroidery heels with jackets and you are ready to slay. Since fashion is all about having fun and experimenting try what suits you the best.

7. Leather


One can never go wrong with leather. Leather has been in trends for a long time and is going to stay. Black bikers jacket to jackets in vibrant color, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can ditch the leather jacket and instead opt for leather pants which are equally stylish and comfortable. And if you want an element of quirk to it then you go for different textures, embroidery, and patches. Patches are a recent trend and getting one in your jacket will definitely change the whole look.

Men, with Christmas fast approaching how are you outwear game looking?

The decision is a tough one. You work throughout the week, normally tied to a uniform and when Christmas party arrives, it’s your time to impress everyone with your unique style statement and express yourself. Since women plan their outfits months in advance, it’s quite easier for them whereas men tend to leave things last minute.

  1. Checks


    Tarten, dogtooth, plaid squares were all over the runway this season, and so should be in your closet. A statement Check coats would add style to your look only when the outfit is kept quiet. You can wear a bright shade or keep it neutral with greys and blacks. You can wear a short one like a blazer or a slightly longer and loose kind of overcoat.

    2. Puffer


    Puffer was once reserved for mountaineering. But this has changed a lot now. Now it is a bonafide streetwear necessity. These jackets usually come in a bright color which is perfect for the winters and even more perfectly blends with the streetwear look. It will make you stand out in the crowd and make a bold statement even on the greyest days.

    3. The winter bomber



         If you are one of them who think knee length coats looks good only in movies, then worry not. There are plenty of options in cropped jackets. Bombers being one of them. In colder months, authentic pilot styled jackets in premium fabric or wool is perfect to up notch your style game. This is one trend that not going anywhere soon. To add on this, you have a variety of options to choose from. From embellished, to patches. It’s on trend.

         4. Leather jackets


Few items of menswear come packaged with much attitude and heritage as leather jackets. It’s that one piece which can lift your look anytime and never goes out of fashion. It’s youthful, edgy. Pair it with anything and you are ready to go. It will smarten your look. But it is advisable to always wear something light underneath to make it not look bulky. So it is the time to invest in a good leather jacket that will help you rock the Christmas party.

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