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Now its time to stop Body shaming

21 Nov , 2017  



Stop Body shaming now its time to stop body shaming of others and ourselves. We look at other people and we judge them oh! Look at her how ridiculous she is looking so, stop judging any people.
Shaming is a dirty little secret, a thing we pretend that we never, ever would do, but 99 percent of us have done it or does it regularly.

Stop doubting yourself

We look at ourselves, or even other people, and we judge, ridicule, and wonder why the body we are staring at can’t just be perfect already. And we do it in an effort to feel good, lose weight, and be perfect — which totally backfires and causes more judging, shame, and guilt.
No matter what you look like, you have probably had insecurities about your body at some point in your life. The problem with body shaming is that everyone has a unique body type that can’t always be manipulated into what the media portrays as the perfect body.
Now it’s time to stop Body shaming

Say stop it to all the body shamers

Avoid #THINSPIRATION and staying healthy shouldn’t be about how thin you are. By all means, share your workout tips, delicious healthy snake recipe and even share your photos with happiness and with proud because you want to inspire other people to feel as good as you do about yourself, not to make people jealous of how thin you are.
Accept this thing that everyone has unique body type curvy women; athletic women, thin women, and everything in between, you’re all perfect in your own way.

Wear cloth of your choice and wear every trend with pride. There are always certain trends that look best on certain body types, but there’s no reason you can’t find a variation of the trend that works for you. Crop tops aren’t just for skinny girls, and anyone can wear horizontal stripes. Wear clothes according to your choice don’t think what other people say just ignore them.

Don’t ever tolerate a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself. Worries about body imperfection have a lot to do what people think when they see you. People don’t have right to make you feel bad if you don’t fit their ideal flawlessly. In today’s era media plays an important role but when media uses such words like PLUS- SIZE and AVERAGE –SIZE encourage the media and avoid them and also complain that they should not comment on anyone body size.

Tell the other women how great they look. Yes, don’t afraid to tell anyone women. Whether you know her or not, that she looks amazing. Everyone likes a good compliment. Bring happiness to their face. They will really feel happy and confident.

Don’t comment negatively on social media sites related to body shape or size. The internet has the unique ability to give people way more courage to say something rude than they’d never have in person. The best course of action is to completely ignore them.

Stay healthy no matter what your body type is, a balanced diet and regular exercise is absolutely essential. Not everyone is a gym rat, but you’ll feel a lot happier all around if you know you’re taking care of yourself.
Things people should do that it doesn’t affect their mind

The first thing you should kept in mind when you encounter body shaming. As your choice to decide what you want to do next. Think about it if you will immediately take the shaming words to heart, you might end up being too hurt or embarrassed to take the interaction any further.

You should defend yourself or other if you are mentally and emotionally strong enough to defend yourself or another person from being body shamed, you should. Some might think it’s not their place, or that it’s worth it to stand up to the person doing the shaming. While it’s probably not a good idea to get into a serious verbal or physical altercation, it’s worth taking them to task and defending yourself or others. If your emotions aren’t getting best of you, try to speak with the offending person directly and explain why their comments are harmful.
Stop accepting that it is normal to shame another person because of weight. Call out the critics and let them know that their comments are rude. This may not stop all cases of body shaming, But it may discourage some people. However, it is important not to feed the trolls online, so do not get involved in long arguments on social media with strangers.

Join us because it’s time to stop body shaming click #stopit


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