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One single thing can make or break your look!

7 Jun , 2015  


Fashion, a word comprised of not only 7 letters, but also a unique world of one’s comfort zone, glamour, dreams and what not.
The fashion industry is a product of the modern age where each and everything ranging from a small pin to huge contracts matters like anything. A world where not only clothing but all its attributes compliment each other be it footwear’s, headgear, accessories, and all other remaining stuff.

One small accessory can both make and destroy your whole look for the time.it can be figured out by how just one single button in a shirt can affect the fitting of that shirt. We all do wear the same shirt but it’s the perfection of the stitch, the button, fabric that makes a designer stand out of the line. “I just got the chance to meet the inspiration of all the aspiring fashion designers Mr. Manish Malhotra, what I noticed was he was so simply dressed up like any other person but it was the way he carried himself, his comfort zone that made him stand out.” Sometimes it happens; we are dressed up completely but still feel like something is missing, at that point of time adding just a wrist watch sometimes makes you look perfect and at times that watch just ruins the whole look of your clothing may be because it is not complementing your footwear’s. People beware, it’s not always like dressing up from head to toe is what is complete or is perfect…NO. It’s the idea of carrying things your own way, being confident the way you are. Just putting up everything for the sake of being in a certain race is bad idea. One must know WHAT, HOW, and WHEN to carry. It’s not at all difficult rather as simple as anything, what is required is to know yourself, you must have a final look at yourself and must feel satisfied and comfortable, otherwise just one small piece of clothing or any sort of accessory will ruin the whole look and we will be like damn……
never pressurize yourself to add up anything extra to be in the race of fashion neither be afraid to try what you feel like trying.

by our star blogger Prachi Jain.
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