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Tanay Thakur: Body Shaming is awful

13 Nov , 2017  

Body shaming needs to stop

Body is a gift and we need to embrace it! Bodies are given to us by God and we don’t really have any control over it. We do try to make some changes by hitting the gym, doing yoga or going under the knife but what is their cant be changed. My childhood has been full of […]

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13 Nov , 2017  

EMMA STONE- BODY SHAMING “Imperfection is beauty, madness is a genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”- Marilyn Monroe Beauty is accepting you for who you are. You are your own unique self, second to none and that’s beautiful. Being comfortable in your own skin and body, loving yourself in a […]

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13 Nov , 2017  

  Kakcho is a fashion styling mobile application based out in New Delhi, India It solves all your fashion woes. We connect our users with fashion stylists and they can chat real-time on the app. Our panel of stylist will help you decide everything before you head out from what to wear, when to wear and […]

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Why makeup is as important as dressing up?

8 Nov , 2017  

Everyday makeup look to keep you going Makeup is part of our daily routine be it light or heavy makeup, it is unavoidable. Wearing just any outfit without it looks dull. Wearing makeup can be simple as it takes few minutes to apply but for some it might take more. Some prefer a natural look […]

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Winter fashion 2017 – 5 winter fashion trends for cold weather

6 Nov , 2017  

5 WINTER FASHION HACKS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! And it’s that time of the year again..shut the doors and shroud yourselves under the blanket,cause getting up from bed is gonna be ten times harder now…well, you got it right! SAY HI TO WINTERS!!! Now that we have officially dredged into this fall, let […]

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17 Oct , 2017  

WHITE SNEAKERS WITH INDIAN WEAR All you men out there what if we tell you that you can wear your favorite white sneakers with your Indian attire this festive season. It sounds cool, right! This is a very relaxed and easy-going route to style your Indian clothes. Check down a few options that you can […]

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17 Oct , 2017  

NEW STYLE FROM OLD CLOTHES FOR DIWALI Having a low budget this festive season, even if not quit shopping this Diwali! No joking all serious don’t shop this Diwali instead create a new style from your own old clothes, you just need to pick your favorites pieces from your wardrobe and style them in fun […]

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16 Oct , 2017  

MATCH YOUR DIWALI LOOK WITH YOUR PARTNER Diwali is said to be the biggest festival of India and the perfect time to bring on your style game. How interesting would it be to match your outfit this Diwali with your partner! As twining is another trend this season then why not for Diwali. The perfect […]

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9 Oct , 2017  

BEING A MODEL When fashion shows come to an end there are few who breathe a bigger sigh of relief who else can be rather than the army of models who flit from city to city over the four weeks, attending a seemingly endless stream of castings, call-backs, fittings and often walking in dozens of […]

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Kakcho Magazine Vol 1 Out Now!

9 Oct , 2017  

Kakcho – Stay Trendy What do you look for in a fashion magazine? The latest fashion trends, about your favourite star’s looks in movies, for promotions, their airport looks, and the new upcoming collection by the designers and fashion brands, etc. but you will agree that this drags us back to our imaginary world of dressing […]

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