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Pernia Qureshi for Femina

21 Jun , 2016  



How common is it that you spot a fashion entrepreneur amongst a pool of startup enthusiasts in India? One of the former is Pernia Qureshi.  The style diva that is Pernia, is of Indo-Pak origin who makes round living in New Delhi and Mumbai. She is a dedicated fashion stylist with Harper’s Bazaar, Elle & Conde Nast in New York & New Delhi. 


pernia qureshi pop up shop


With a impeccable taste in fashion, she has lived up to the ‘south Delhi girl‘  image. Be it apparels, makeup or hairstyles, the woman is always on her toes. She is the founder of India’s first true fashion website, Pernias pop-up shop that is one stop destination to gain access to collections of various Indian fashion Designers.


pernia qureshi


The starlet, also a supermodel, was celebrating fashion’s definitive return to maximalism with season’s standout looks, courtesy our favourite Inidan Designers. High-octane model and style expert Pernia Qureshi finds her match in these strong silhouettes and bold colours.

Check out the stills she did for Femina June 2016.

Gaurav Gupta

pernia qureshi for gaurav gupta

(c) Femina June 2016


Alpana & Neeraj

pernia qureshi for Indian fashion designers alpana and neeraj

(c) Femina June 2016


Anamika Khanna

pernia qureshi for indian fashion designers anamika khanna


Rahul Mishra

pernia qureshi for indian fashion designer rahul mishra


Amit Aggarwal

pernia qureshi for indian fashion designer amit aggarwal


Payal Khandwala

pernia qureshi for indian fashion designer payal khandwala

(c) Femina June issue 2016


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