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Personal Stylist Online

16 Jun , 2018  


Personal Stylist Online

Have you ever thought of how easy your life would be if you had a personal stylist whenever you needed one? Have you ever been in a dilemma where you had no time to think about what to wear to an important meeting or event?
We, here at Kakcho, have answers to all of your fashion and style related problems.

 How it Works at Kakcho

Kakcho is the one stop shop for all your fashion dilemmas. Here, we provide you with a personal stylist who will create the perfect outfits directly handpicked from your own wardrobe. Daily content comprising of Style Tips, Trends, Fitness Tips, Fun Fashion facts, D.I.Y. tricks and much more is shared with our customers personally.

3 Simple Steps to Look Effortlessly Stylish Everyday

Step1: Sign Up

Step2: Chat With Stylist

Step3: Look Stylish

Sign Up Today!

To get started sign up by
filling this simple form and avail our personalized services on WhatsApp. Our team will get back to you in a maximum of 24 hours. This Sign-up form contains only the necessary information for us to get started on making your life easier to enhance your Styling Quotient. 

Chat with Stylist on Whatsapp


We here at Kakcho provide you with a celebrity treatment and help style you from your own wardrobe. You will have a 24/7 stylist who will answer all your fashion queries. We’ll get back to you with your own Personal Stylist who’ll acquire information regarding your wardrobe through a few easy questions to understand you and your style better. You get personalized content daily according to your preference to make you more fashion forward.

Our stylists insure that the styles and the looks that we suggest are tailored perfectly to you and your everyday, These looks are different is their own way and are aimed to enhance your personal style. 

Our service brings value to your life by making you feel even more confident. As a matter of fact bringing a significant change in the way you carry yourself.

Look Stylish  

What’s better than looking extra-ordinary while wearing the same clothes you own already?

Thats what we help our clients do!

We focus on providing you with the looks and style tips which automatically takes your fashion game to the next level! Just how a plain oversized men’s shirt is paired with a classy pink bodysuit makes the outfit stand out. Similarly, a basic fitted white shirt is brought to life with a simple black scarf.

These styling tips and D.I.Y.s help you attain most out of your own wardrobe.


We at Kakcho make sure that the personal stylist who is appointed is taking care of all your fashion needs. Which saves you ample amount of time to focus upon your day to day agendas. Along with a daily dose of personalized stylish looks. We give you a pool of daily content on various subjects. keeping you style updated and a lot more confident.

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