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23 Nov , 2017  




Body shaming is so common these days that if you open any social networking site you’ll find atleast 4 posts out of 10 where someone is teasing and humiliating a person because of the shape of their body. In today’s world, is it right to do something like this? To humiliate, insult a person and call them horrendous names just because of their body structure? I think not. Even celebrities are harassed because of their body! How can we possibly support this? Of course, many people speak out against this horrendous habit of bodyshaming, but other videos and articles seem to promote this type of behavior, which is just not right. Telling someone that they look too fat or skinny can lead to a person having low self-esteem, even making them harm themselves. With the arrival of media outlets, people can post pictures or videos of themselves all they want and this will obviously inevitably result in both positive and negative opinions, but the hurtful words can do more damage than one would think. Why are we so obsessed with people’s bodies and our own? Is it less of an offense to make fun of a person for being thin as opposed to making fun of a person with more weight? Since when did any of body-shaming become okay?

How society judge people?

I agree that we live in a body-conscious world where everyone talks about their body size and weight. Whether people are discussing how much weight they put on over Christmas, or how much weight they lost on that new trendy diet/cleanse, the conversation overweight never seems to get old. This is an issue for both men and women, but generally, it’s an issue that is more openly talked about by women. Almost obsessively so. But that’s not to say men don’t have the same anxieties about their bodies, it’s just not in the media as much. But when it comes down to talking about other people’s weight, things get complicated. Both overweight people and skinny people are being verbally crucified because of their body structure. If you’re attractive and slender, it appears to be acceptable for observers to throw statements out like, “Oh she probably has an eating disorder,” or, “She must have had plastic surgery, she’s so fake!” It’s not acceptable. Again, if a person is too fat people are going to call out and say, “Look who ate a whole box of donuts,” or “what a fat, horrible person.”

Effects of body shaming on people

In any fashion, body shaming is simply not okay. It can never feel good when people call you out for your weight, height, the shape of your nose, or any other feature about you, and it definitely won’t make someone else feel good when you engage in this type of behavior. Body shaming comes from both inside and outside, and is often not about the person being shamed, it is usually more about the insecurities and weight challenges of the shame-slinger.

Body shaming does absolutely nothing positive for yourself or others but it divides people further. It can also actually ruin someone’s life if taken to an extreme point after which that person has no self-confidence left. It also shows that our society is a shallow and perpetual one. Hence, we have to everything we can do to stop this body shaming. Instead of shaming, we should try celebrating our own body and the differences. Try to replace fat and heavy with strong because when one is at his/her heaviest, one is also been their strongest. Instead of worrying about being “too heavy” one can easily show off their strength and flaunt their confidence in their own body. Despite feeling too skinny or too fat, dress up the way you want so you feel fantastic, then go out and do something that has nothing to do with your weight or food, like shopping because come on guys, who doesn’t like to shop?! Stop worrying about what other people might feel or think about you. Live your life a little more fully and have fun, as much as you want. Find a hobby or activity about which you are very excited and make time to go out and perform that. As a result, you’ll automatically stress little about your weight and what everyone thinks. One should treat one’s body kindly, nurture it, love it, feed it with nourishing food and movement, do things that make you feel good on a deeper level and you’ll notice the surfaces changes don’t matter quite as much. One should not have any ideas of perfection. Each and everyone is perfect in their own unique way. So always tell yourself that you are beautiful and absolutely, perfectly, imperfect. These are your unique qualities and traits that you deserve to be proud of. Always look at yourself and notice the things that you love, not the things you hate. If you try and on the positive then the negative won’t seem as prevalent.

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