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Recreating fashion through DIY hacks!!

8 May , 2017  


Hello beautiful girls! Today we will discuss about Do It Yourself. DIY is about creativity and inspiration.

The activity of decorating and making fixtures and repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional. In short you will learn how to make your own hair accessories and recreating your old clothes into new trend.       Here are some quick and easy no sew DIY clothing hacks that will let you create stunning pieces of fashion and completely transform your wardrobe

Strapless and off shoulders

 Off the shoulder looks are in full swing for summer.Use just a couple of your old T-shirts for doing DIY to get a new look. You can make unbelievably cool off shoulders and strapless t-shirts by following the steps correctly.

You Will Need

  • 1 T-Shirt
  •  Elastic band
  • Scissors
  • Needles and
  • Threads
  •  Pins
  • Saftey Pins
  •  Chalk

STEP 1: Trace a line from the center of the neckline to about 1″ above the top of the seam of each shoulder.

STEP 2: Cut along the line. Use the front as a rough guideline to cut the back as well.

STEP 3: Turn your shirt wrong side out and pin a 1″ hem all around. Hand or machine stitch all around leaving an opening.

STEP 4: Attach the loose end of the elastic. Insert it in the gap you left open and thread it all around.

STEP 5: Try on the top to measure approximately the length of elastic you’ll need. Cut and stitch both loose ends together to secure.

STEP 6: Stitch the opening closed, turn right side out and wear!


Laced up collar sleeves

It is a nice way to create a unique shirt without showing too much skin. It can be dressy or casual as well. Follow the trend by flaunting the top and dresses by  doing DIY  laced up collar sleeves  that would make everyone stare at you and wonder from where you bought that top or dress.

You will need

  • Any tee/sweater/whatever of your choice.
  • A pack of silver or gold metal eyelets.
  • Matte black trim.
  • Matte black string of your choice. (make sure it’s small enough to fit through the eyelets!)
  • A hammer.
  • Black thread & a needle.

Step 1: Lay out your shirt.

Step 2: Mark how low you want the cut-out to be and make sure it’s straight. Use anything as a straight line.

Step 3: Cut it out as best as you can. Nobody is perfect, we ain’t here to judge. 

Step 4: Hand sew (or use a machine) the black trim around the edge of the shirt right where you cut it. Make sure both laters are on top of each other.

Step 5: Place the metal eyelets where you want them. You can do however many you want,.

Step 6: Cut tiny holes/slits where you want to place the eyelets and pound those suckers in.  You want to make sure it goes all the way through both materials until you can see all the way through it. Also, when you pound them in with the hammer, make sure your tool is straight or else they will get pounded in all crooked and the hole will be half it’s intended size.

Step 7: Lace ’em up! It’s just like lacing your shoes. Nothing fancy or difficult about it.



Spring denim trends are in full effect now, and if there’s one thing that’s caught my eye, it’s the patchwork jeans comeback. … You’ll need a pair of jeans you’d like to continue wearing, another pair worth cutting up, scissors, a regular sewing needle, straight pin needles, cotton thread, and an iron.

Step 1: Choose Your Jeans

Step 2: Choose Your Battered Jeans

Step 3: Cut Your Patches

Step 4: Make Some Stencils

Step 5: Do Some Pinning

Step 6: Time For The Hard Work

And itsss done!

av-33-600x400 av-34 _6110517

Collar Neck Mirror Work top

No needle and thread? No problem!  Collar Neck Mirror Work top. Unique and easy to do. You just need your shirt on which you want mirror work, some CD’s , scissors one extra peice of cloth and glue.

Step 1: Boil hot water with the kettle and pour it into a pan

Step 2: Load a few CDs for about 5 minutes

Step 3: Remove the CDs and place them on a dishcloth and dry them

Step 4: Carefully cut the CD through the middle

Step 5 and 6: The top leaves loose from the bottom. Pull both parts apart

Step 7: Use the shiny part and cut out shapes

Step 8: Before you paste, put them on the collar as you would like them and connect them nicely

Step 9: Glue the pieces of CD to your collar

Step 10: And .. done! Your blouse is as good as new with this original collar!


Crop top

Who is ready to bet the heat in this summer with cool clothes? Start looking for men’s shirts to restyle into this DIY Wrap Crop Top.DIY men’s shirt to wear crop top and that to different style.


Men’s large shirt Matching thread

Material needed: Pins,Scissors,Sewing machine

step 1: Print and cut out templates.

Step 2: Cut out your fabric pieces, as well as 3 long bias strips

Step 3: With right sides facing sew the shoulder seams at ½ “

Step 4:  Fold the front bottom edge ¼ “ and iron flat. Repeat and sew edge. Sew the back bottom edge the same way.

Step 5: Fold the front angled edge ½“ and iron flat.

Step 6: With right sides together, sew the side panels at ½“.  Leave the side seam open.

Step 7: Turn the side panels right side out. Fold the top seam of your side panel about an inch towards the center, creating 2 ridges. Do this for approximately 9”, tapering the fold as you go.  Iron flat.

Step 8: Fold one ridge of the side panel down and iron. Do this on opposing sides to create the left and right panel. The flap that is ironed down will be sewn on the inside of the top. I hope my images help to explain this step.

Step 9:Pin the side seams of the side panel and the back of top together. Sew.

Step 10: Pin the turned down edge of the side panel to the front of the top. Sew to ½” from bottom edge.  Make sure not to sew through the front of the side panel.

Step 11: Finish the neckline and armholes with bias tape and any raw edges with a zigzag stitch.


DIY American flag cuffs in jeans

American flags cuffs are always in trend and generally people can’t find it easily. So here are some steps you should follow to get American jeans. For this DIY you should have an American flag print stuff and the jeans on which you actually want the print. Follow the steps correctly for the proper DIY of American flag cuffs.

What you need: a pair of jeans (preferably boyfriend-style jeans, or a style that can easily be cuffed), an American flag printed item, safety pins, needle and thread.

Step 1: Turn the jeans inside out and use safety pins to attach the fabric to the bottom portion of the leg. In this stripes on one leg and stars on the other, and sewed the fabric up to about mid-calf.

Step 2:Turn your jeans right-side out and roll up the cuffs to reveal your new patriotic pants!

av-4 av-5 av-6 av-7

Scarf Bustier Top

All you need to pull off the scarf-as-shirt trend is some confidence, a good scarf, and a little bit of know-how.

You’ll Need: 1 scarf, 1 length of ribbon, and two safety pins.

Step 1:Take the scarf and lie it face down. Then fold back the top corner a quarter.

Step 2:Hold the scarf by the corners of this fold and hang around your neck. Secure these two corners with a safety pin.

Step 3:Let the scarf hang down naturally and then take hold of the sides at the height of your waist.  Hold the two sides together around your waist and safety pin in place.

Step 4:see the length of ribbon wrap around your waist and conceal the safety pin with a bow.  Pull the front of the scarf a little so that there is a excess of scarf above the ribbon. This will create a great shape.

And you are ready to go!

PeonyLim-ScarfTop13-ln7vmq55lgb9ocvrk23vx2wz4xtvj5ws6u3ddnwab4 PeonyLim-ScarfTop11-ln7vmq535qrb6wb5ny9hcak9oexc92n8ktpkbldsps PeonyLim-ScarfTop9-ln7vmq535qrb6wb5ny9hcak9oexc92n8ktpkbldsps PeonyLim-ScarfTop7-ln7vmq55lgb9ocvrk23vx2wz4xtvj5ws6u3ddnwab4 PeonyLim-ScarfTop6-ln7vmq55lgb9ocvrk23vx2wz4xtvj5ws6u3ddnwab4 PeonyLim-ScarfTop2-ln7vmq5fcafoun4h41er1lbqnyqt073v1ynlg6sumq

Turn a plain button-down into a cute on-trend look.

I’m sure that, you might have a shirt in your closet that feels bored and abandoned …Let’s give it a twist to make it a statement piece for the season! With a few simple steps, you can make these holes in your shirt to give it a much more interesting look and you don’t need a sewing machine!


  • Classic shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or fabric glue
  • Pins
  • Paper and pencil
  • Chalk
  • Iron
  • Process:

Step 1:With the shirt on completely closed, stand in front of a mirror. Mark with pins where you want the hole to go. (Make sure your bra won’t show)

Step 2: When you have marked the hole on one side of the shirt, copy the figure on paper so you can transfer the same figure on the other side and get a symmetrical look.

Step 3:Trace the borders of your paper figure with chalk so you have a guide where to cut.

Step 4:Cut with 1cm margin to the hole.

Step 5:Make a few small cuts in curves and corners.

Step 6:Fold the excess margin to the back and fix with pins. Sew with simple stitches or glue it with fabric glue, if you don’t want to sew.

Step 7:Iron everything to make it perfect.

IMG_4013-1024x716 IMG_4024-1024x767 IMG_4031-1024x767 IMG_4039-1024x767 IMG_4044-1024x767 IMG_4048-1024x767 IMG_4314-1024x716 IMG_4358-1024x716


Easy  and sorted dress which are best for this season!

Step 1:  Let’s get started.  Begin by cutting two rectangles from your fabric – one for the front and one for the back.  For the length, measure from your collarbone to where you want the finished shirt/dress and then add 2″ for hemming.  The width for each piece should be 1.5 times the hip measurement divided by 2.  I cut my piece on the fold so that I can speed along the process at the next step.  Also cut two strips 1″ wide and from selvage to selvage – these will be used for the straps/waist tie.

Step 2:  Cut out armholes.  On the open side (opposite the fold) and at the top, cut an armhole shape that is approximately 2″ in from the side and 6″ long as shown.

 Step 3:  Open up the two pieces of fabric and match them at the armholes, right sides together.  Stitch from the base of the armhole down to the hem.   Step 4: Step 4 : Now, open the two sides up at the armhole and place the right side of the fabric face down.

Step 5:  Press the edge of the armhole toward the wrong side by 1/4″ all the way around the armhole.

Step 6:  Use your regular sewing machine to stitch close to the edge of the armhole, finishing it neatly.  Use a longer stitch length or some tissue paper underneath the fabric to stabilize it while you sew.  Repeat steps 4-6 for the other armhole.

Step 7:  Turn the top edge of the front of the dress toward the wrong side by 1″ and press in place.  Repeat for the back top edge.

Step 8:  Use a 6/8″ seam allowance to stitch across the top edge, creating a casing for your straps.

Step 9:  Press the 1″ strip in half along its entire length, right sides together.  Serge or sew with 1/4″ seam along the open edge.

Step 10:  Use a small safety pin to turn the tube right side out.

Step 11:  Tie a knot in each end of the string and use a safety pin to feed it through the front casing and the back casing on your shirt/dress.

Step 12:  Create a second string for a waist tie if desired.  Press the bottom edge toward the wrong side by 1″ and hem using a double needle or long, narrow zig-zag stitch.  All DONE


These are some of the easy DIY ‘S to know more of them download Kakcho.



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