From black to tangerine to nudes, we saw the evolving color trends through the years. And this year, theme your wardrobe ‘ultraviolet’ because that is the future baby! The boss of the color authorities Pantone who are ‘the worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration since 1963’, researched, convened and after a lot of analysis, finally declared ‘ultraviolet’ to be the color of 2018.  Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute said, “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”.




  • Purple rains from the mid-80s: When we think of purple, the late legendary artist Prince definitely comes to our minds. Be it his guitar, his suit or even the confetti in his shows, somehow, he incorporated the color. He featured the iconic color in his famous 1984 movie ‘Purple Rains’ and his iconic song ‘purple rains’. Pantone immortalized the color by declaring it to be the color of the future, 2018.



Seems like LoeweGucci, and Moschino already predicted the color on the runway this year.



Well, colors can mean different to different people. While some people would relate the color to a dark, others relate it to two extremes, being intermediate between cold blue and fire hot red. Now that we have enough reasons to bring in the color, let’s fill our wardrobes with various purple textures and shapes!


  • Do it with shades nearly purple: Well, when they said the future is purple, doesn’t necessarily mean we stick to the particular shade. Does it?   Add the pop color to your wardrobe with different shades. Sport a lavender blouse with a pair of white shorts or an A-line skirt for a day out with bffs or to the campus and flaunt your inner fashionista!


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  • Date night ready for purple? : A pretty purple shift dress with minimalistic accessories gets you ready for your first winter date night! Can a solid knitted sheer bodycon disappoint you ever? Get ready to make him drool with this look


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  • For a casual day out : Fit and flare, dresses make you feel like an ultimate diva! Don’t they? Bring your girlish side to play slay all day with a purple fit and flare dress for a casual day out, or maybe to the campus on a breezy spring day! *winks*

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  • Get the Indo-western glam up : Indo-western never gets out of style when you love layering up in desi and don’t fear experimenting. The comfort and beauty of an embroidered kurta/ tunic are not comparable to anything else! Check this out!

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  • Want to stick to the basics? : Basics are the best. “Beauty lies in simplicity” we have had it preached since eternity! And , that is true. Go with the good-girl look when in campus , sticking to the basics.

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  • Desi side up ? : For all of us, the elegance in an Indian wear, we know brings out the best in us! Bring up the desi swag this spring and flaunt your class like a lady!

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  • Drape in 6 yards of elegance : The elegance of a saree is forever unmatched. They say, when you wear a saree, you drape six yards of sheer elegance. And they couldn’t be more apt! With the spring farewell around the corner, show your Indian side up with this wonderful piece !

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