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Vintage Style straight from your Wardrobe

5 Mar , 2018  


All you need for a Retro look

Retrovolution: mining the past to make the future

In a retro look, you mix 21st-century functionality with 20th-century looks. A retro or vintage style is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends or attitudes of the past.

Classics are resurrected by designers who are in search of the genuine styles. Fashion fads keep on coming and going out of fashion but classics are always in trend.

You should always listen to the customer. Users know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, what comes out as a really good design for a designer who worked so much on every detail of it doesn’t suit the consumers. It can depend on anything.



“Design classics don’t become older. They become more timeless.”

A retro is a form of the past and function of the future. The desire for vintage gear is as strong as it’s ever been. Retro is in, but retro is also hard. But it’s the exact quality of timelessness that makes successful retro designs so rare. Explicitly retro designs don’t aim for perfect historic reproductions but rather a recreation of the visual and tactile appeal of times past.

In this retro look represented in the photos, when you combine a classic white tee with anything such as blue flared jeans, you add an essence of retro to your outfit just by pairing up the right things.

The translucent spectacles are so in fashion these days that you just cannot forget to add them to your look. It gives a totally retro feel.

In footwear, you can wear anything from shoes to bellies to heels because you’re also giving a modern effect to your retro look.

Managing your hair the correct way is also important. Make a bun and you’re all set for a sunny day!

It’s the aesthetic and superficial quality that companies and consumers alike seem unwilling to sacrifice. The end result is a core of modern technology wrapped up in a classic look and feel. The designers who succeed are those that can bring back the essence of retro without losing the comforts of modernity.


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