Revamping your old clothes!

21 Mar , 2018  


Bored of old clothes?

Style never goes out of fashion, and it does have a tendency of repetition with the time. A few handy changes and minor amends can do wonders for your old-fashioned styles which would surely add on to the options available in your wardrobe. Some detailing will add sheen to your less used apparel style, and make your old clothes brand new without spending much.

Check out what I did to break the monotony :



A tank top bought from Max store which I used to wear with denim jacket has now started giving boring looks.A few changes I tried on the back side of this top to enhance its looks have been worth enough to share with you.

Steps to make the changes:

  1.  Take a basic tank top (any color which is available).
  2.  To buy net fabric from any nearby fabric store and get it dyed in the same color as that of your tank top.
  3.  The next step would be to cut a portion of the back of the tank top and place the cutout on the net fabric and trace it.
  4.  Cut the net fabric leaving 1 cm of the border and get it stitched from a tailor nearby.

The basic tank top now has a different look and can be an addition to your cupboard.

How to style it?

You can wear this top on a lunch date, normal outing with your friends or even to your college. Just pair it with white jeans or normal blue ripped jeans and sneakers will complete the look.












I had an Old emerald-green color formal shirt which I bought from Marks and Spencers last season, which no more appear in my list of trendy collection.I decided to add some trims to make it look more appealing.


Steps to make the changes:

  1.  Take any formal shirt which you are bored with.
  2.  Buy pearls with a flat base (half pearls).
  3.  Place the pearls on the collar in whichever way you like.
  4.  Take fabric glue from the market and use it to stick the pearls and you are done.

How to style it?

This can be your perfect evening wear for a formal dinner if paired with black leggings/jeggings. Pair it with trouser or pants for a regular office wear and it can equally be a good option for formal meetings.










Denim Jacket goes with every look and can be worn every day but to break the routine let’s add some indie patches to give it a bohemian look.

Steps to make the changes:

  1. Buy some bright-colored indie patches from the market of your choice. I have cut an old skirt of mine for the patches.
  2. Place the patches on the pocket or give your jacket a broad and bright border. You can add a strip of it on the back as well.
  3. Rip the jacket if you like the rugged look and your jacket is ready.

How to style it?

Wear it with a solid black dress for a casual wear. Accessorize with pretty earrings from your collection or simply wear danglers.









Everybody owns these basic clothes but how to stand out different in the crowd is what everybody looking for. Just little amendments completely change the look of what you are wearing and some accessories spice it up.

Everybody has their own taste of fashion so explore more with upcycling your garments and share your ideas with us.


Model: Udita Grover

Photographer: Krittika Manocha

Wardrobe courtesy: Max fashion, Marks, and Spencers, Forever 21


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