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4 trendsetting ways to style your scarf!

4 Dec , 2015  


Scarves might just be my favorite accessory. If I had to shop for just one thing for the rest of my life (why would someone do that do me?) it might be scarves. Wearing a scarf is also one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to add that edge to your look, and I am always looking for new ways to wear mine. As simple and chic as they are, we try so hard to look like Miranda Priestly but end up looking drabby.
So today, we thought we’ll hunt down some super cool DIY ways to style a scarf effortlessly and in no time!


This look is really more of a polished classic show and it definitely one of my favorites. It adds up the dapper factorin you! It’s as easy as folding your scarf into a triangle and keeping the center portion in front. If you have a rectangular scarf, just make it as close to a triangle as you can but a square scarf does work best.



This is a very contemporary yet sturdy style to carry. Not like on of those clichéd, looks that you see everyday! Drape it from the back of your head and finish with a knot at the top front. For those bad hair days, or to simply keep them all out of your face.



This sort of style goes well with any western outfit you may have in your wardrobe. First you need to fold the scarf making use of bias band fold method. After that, put the scarf around your neck in such a way that about one-third of it hangs on one side of your neck and the other two-thirds on the other side and then cross the two. Bring the one-third part of the scarf upwards and cross it so that it forms a loop. Once that’s done toss the one-third part of the scarf underneath the two-thirds part so as to form another loop.

Finally, pull on one of the ends firmly and voila you

have achieved a butterfly wrap!



This scarf style is ideal for trying out for evening formal wear or even for workplace or casual day wear. All you need to do to obtain this style is take a folded oblong scarf and twist it before putting it on your neck. Then simply allow one end to pass through the loop formed when you put the scarf on your neck. I love this style when paired up with leather jackets or loose sweaters!elegant

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