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Skincare Myths That Your Dermatologist Wants You To Stop Believing

15 Dec , 2018  


All Natural Products Are Good For The Skin
Organic products are trending right now. But are the products and ingredients you use really natural? For the preservation of natural products, preservatives are used. Those preservatives might be chemicals and those natural products can also have pesticides in them.

You Won’t Get Acne Once You Grow Up
Every teenager goes through the acne problem. But that does not mean that it won’t happen in adulthood. Acne occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. Stress, oil-based products etc. can also trigger acne.

Drinking Loads of Water Will Prevent Acne And Dryness
Even though water is essential and plays a vital role in our body, it has a trivial role to play for combating dryness or acne. Oil produced by sebaceous glands and the moisturisers used determine the oiliness or dryness of the skin.

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