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21 Nov , 2017  



Body shaming is a widely common scenario. Ever since we were kids, we have been made to believe that the kind of body an actor has in a movie or television sitcom is the true depiction of a human’s beauty. In other words, that is perfect. Anything other than that is flawed. But this is not true.

The true beauty of a person cannot be defined by his body alone. No one has the right to judge a person’s body and comment or mock him/her for it. Body shamming needs to be stopped. The only way it can be stopped is by making people realize that however, their body is, one should not be ashamed of it. One should not feel lowly or insecure because of their body. An awareness should be created among people that a person’s body is not the sole judge of his/her beauty. Our body is God’s gift to us. That is something we cannot choose. A perfect body does not exist. Every human being is beautiful in their own way.


There will always be people in this world who would continue shaming other people on their bodies. Don’t give them importance. You don’t need to bother about their stupidity. Focus on who you are. Be proud of yourself. And always remember that it is your character, your beliefs, how you treat other people that define you and not your body.
For all those people who have suffered mentally and emotionally because of body shaming, I understand your feelings and thoughts. I have been through it. Through my journey what I realized is that the more I thought about it the deeper and harder it got for me. The key to rising above this vicious circle of thoughts is by not letting it affect you. People who body shame you don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Cut them off, you will be better off without them. Don’t let their thoughts, opinions make you feel guilty about something that wasn’t a choice for you or anyone. Don’t give them the power to rule or your mind. Remember that beauty lies within every person. Indulge in positive self-talk. Find out things that you love about yourself. Look for the positives in you. Fall in love with yourself every single day. Lastly, Accept yourself, love yourself, be proud of you are.

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