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21 Nov , 2017  



No matter what you look like, you’ve probably had insecurities about your body at some point in your life. The problem with body shaming is that everyone has a unique body type that can’t always be manipulated into what the media portrays as the ‘perfect body’. While the modeling industry has been embracing more ‘average’ sized women lately, there is still a long way to go and it all starts with you. Once we all embrace our own unique body types, the body shaming trolls out there will have no power left. These are the few ways through which we can stop and avoid body shaming.

Accept that everyone has a unique body type

Not everyone can look like Victoria’s Secret model, and that’s totally fine. Curvy women, athletic women, thin women, and everyone in between, you’re all perfect in your own way. Accept and love what you are, only then people will respect what you are.

Wear every trend with pride

There are always certain trends that look best on certain body types, but there’s no reason you can’t find a variation of the trend that works for you. Crop tops aren’t just for skinny girls, and anyone can wear horizontal stripes— you just have to own it. Be comfortable in your own skin and rest will follow. Ths will stop you from getting shamed any further.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

The first step towards overcoming body shaming is catching you in negative thought, says Mama Gena. “Break the habit of negative thinking by replacing unconscious messages with conscious, positive reframes that you have written for yourself”.

Tell other women how great they look

Don’t be afraid to tell another woman, whether you know her or not, that she looks amazing. Or that you love her skirt. Or just ask where she got her cool statement necklace. Everyone likes a genuine compliment, and it could really make someone else’s day, and make them confident in themselves.

Stay healthy

No matter what your body type is, a balanced diet and regular exercise are absolutely essential. Not everyone is a gym rat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and sweat a little. Life isn’t about having the perfect body, but you’ll feel a lot happier all around if you know you’re taking care of yourself.

Every body is a beach body

Going to the beach is one of the best parts of summer, so don’t deprive yourself of the swimming, beach volleyball, and sun because you don’t want to wear a bathing suit. Pick a suit that makes you feel confident, and guaranteed no one will even notice what you think are your “problem areas”. Stop thinking twice.

We can come together to this                            #stopit


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