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Style Tips To Look Taller: For Men

17 Jan , 2019  



Short Jackets
A shorter jacket will give more room for your legs to be in the limelight hence, giving an illusion of longer legs.

Narrow Lapels
Strong lapels give an illusion of wider shoulders. Narrow notch lapels give a rectangular illusion to the body making you appear taller. 

High Waist Buttons
If the position of your waist button is higher it gives the illusion of a highest waist and adds more length to the legs. 

Topcoats that end mid-way of your thighs will lengthen the torso and give more height. 

Shirt Fit
Go for fitted or tailored shirts. The narrower the torso, the taller will you appear. 


Medium or High-Rise Jeans
Low-rise jeans would reduce the height of the legs making you look even shorter. Medium or high-rise jeans will help your legs look more elongated. 

Avoid Baggy Pants
When there’s extra fabric hanging from your pants, it creates bagginess which does not help in adding length to your outfit.

No Trouser Break
A trouser break is basically the amount of fabric which covers the shoe. There should be little to no trouser break which adds more height to the legs. 


Pointed Shoes
Rounded or squared toes make the foot appear smaller. Opt for pointed toes which give an illusion of a bigger foot and ultimately, longer legs.

Beware of Ankle-length Shoes
When wearing shorts, low top shoes show more ankle as opposed to ankle-length shoes or boots that shorten the length of the leg. 

Patterns and Prints

  • Go for Vertical prints like Herringbone(zig-zag that runs vertically) and Cable Knits(knit that runs vertically). Avoid horizontal prints.
  • Wear Monochromatic coloured outfitsso there is no break in your outfit that hinders with the illusion of a longer length. Stick to low contrast palletes. Make sure your outfit stays in the same colour family, may it be light or dark.


Wear the socks that match the colour of your trousers so that there is no break in your outfit. Stay away from patterns or bright colours.

Hats and Scarves

  • Hats add more length and draw eyes towards the your head adding more height. 
  • Scarves are a great way to add colourto your outfit since you should go with a similar coloured theme throughout your outfit. 

Keep your belts no thicker than 1.5 inches and don’t opt for ones that heavily contrast with the rest of your look. You can also go for a no-belt look. Suspenders are also good option to add more length to your frame. 

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