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Currently, we are running an exclusive pilot for our service and would like you to try it before we roll it out to a larger audience. The exclusive pilot will help you save time in the morning by telling you what to wear from your own wardrobe amongst other things. We are already doing this with 500+ people and will be limiting the free pilot to 1000 people. We have received great feedback till now with users being hooked to the service. They say they don’t have decision fatigue anymore and save 15-20 minutes which helps them sleep extra, enjoy a tea and so on.

Benefits of being part of Beta:

-Personalised Suggestions on What to Buy

-Personalised fashion and grooming tips

-24*7 Stylist Availability 

-Validate your look before you head out to work, party etc  

-No extra hassle of downloading an app. 

This service would be conducted on WhatsApp.

Please let me know if you’d be interested to be part of our Beta, I will send you more details.

Note: the Beta will be carried out on WhatsApp and not our current app


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