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How Fashion repeats itself

24 Mar , 2017  

These comparisons prove that fashion never dies Fashion is everything. How fashion made a comeback?  History repeats itself and so does the fashion! Vintage fashion doesn’t mean we have to wear old clothes. The change of old clothes to new clothes is always superb. Fashion is something we deal it every day. Every two decades what’s […]

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Celebrity fashion stories.

What Happens To The Outfits Bollywood Actors Wear After The Pack Up?

24 Jun , 2016  


  Has it ever crossed your mind about what happens to the outfits actors wear after the movie is over? Who are you kidding, I’m sure you have! Ever went to your boutique aunty and told her to imitate ‘that kareena vala lehenga of kabhi khushi kabhi gum’? What if I told you how miserably […]