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Curious About fashion? Follow her

19 Mar , 2017  

The most awaited fashion occurrence which every fashionista in Delhi is kooky about, recently started! “The Amazon India Fashion Week 2k17” showcased unique & singular style of their own. Many upcoming fashionistas, fashion bloggers, and all the fashion bigwigs get a platform to showcase their way of dressing. Here’s one of the fashion diva’s – “Shivi […]

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How to startup in fashion? – Voice Your Style

23 Aug , 2016  

This weekend brought to rest the anxiety of having our very first community meetup that we fondly called Voice Your Style. The motive behind having such meetup in our New Delhi office is to bring together people sharing a common passion that is fashion. People from different backgrounds attended the event to gain valuable knowledge […]

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5 chic shoe secrets supermodels won’t tell you!!

23 Jul , 2016  

typer of heels women shoes

  ULTIMATE SHOE GUIDE   You have your outfit already decided weeks ago for your girls night out but now it’s just two days to go and what footwear would go with that little black dress haunts you! You go on trying heels and flats and end up with a huge pile of mess and […]

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Rock Your Graphic Tees

29 Jun , 2016  

  Graphic Tees which we had these in our wardrobe for like decades. These are all season, ready to wear, all whether for sleeping, at lounge or to a party. These tees are so amazingly versatile that they go with every look. Check out our picks for styling the graphic tee! 1.Go for all over […]

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It's Different, Try that


28 Jun , 2016  

Being a woman, we all know the importance of well put lipstick and wonders it can do, if done right. We also share a very complicated relationship with lipstick. Whether going out for food and drinks or for that important meeting, its annoying when your beautiful lip colour rubs off way before time. Your well […]

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Celebrity fashion stories.

7 Times We Took Inspiration From Gigi’s Style

28 Jun , 2016  

              Gigi Hadid, 21-year-old model has not only stunned the world with her walk on the ramp but her fashion statement on the street is equally loved. Whether she’s seen in some designer’s sartorial piece or just casually dressed, her outfits are so good that it often makes our […]

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Utility Corner

H&M’s unrealistic body standards

24 Jun , 2016  

HnM showroom

  Let’s admit, fashion industry is no fairy tale. People generally are blinded by the glitz and glam but in reality, it hides a lot of secrets behind the walls.  Time and again it has been realized that the fashion industry paints a false impression for beauty and body standards. This has been a major […]

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Fashion News


23 Jun , 2016  

A good news if true for Dior Loyalists. The brand’s fashion sales growth has dropped in the past year and a half, going from double-digit to flat sales growth in the first quarter of this year. Also since an unexpected exit of Raf Simons in October 2015, the company had been struggling to find a replacement. But […]

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Backstage Highlights of Prada men’s ss17

22 Jun , 2016  

Backstage Highlights from Prada men’s SS’17 The photos are captured by photographer Kevin Tachman, who covered this years Prada men’s SS’17. The show featured bright color outfits which walked the runway. Use of check jackets made them look more bold along with embellished metallic footwear which complimented the astounding collection of Prada bags and accessories. […]

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Celebrity fashion stories., Fashion News

Selena Gomez just bagged a major Louis Vuitton campaign

20 Jun , 2016  

  How would you feel if you were the most followed person on Instagram? Ask Selena Gomez. The girl must be sick of the ‘same old job’ because she’s adding yet another role to her already impressive repertoire: She’s the new face of Louis Vuitton!     In advertisement of Gomez’s new gig, LV showed off […]

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