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24 Jan , 2018  

FOOTWEAR TREND S/S 2018 Footwear has been a constant in our lives, we never get enough of them. The want for them is always more and never-ending. We all want our closet to be updated with the running trends. Shoes are our guilty shopping and to make that possible we bring you a list of […]

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10 things to avoid when you’re wearing heels!

2 Jun , 2017  

Learn how to handle heels the right way A pair of shoes can change a girl’s life! And it’s no secret that a pair of stilettos can make any outfit look sexier. We always turn to our heels when we want polish our look. But it’s also true that we have a love-hate relationship with […]

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10 flat shoes for women who want to ditch those heels

24 Apr , 2017  

Comfort is cool as flat shoes You might be wearing the best outfit you own but something will seem off till you pair the right shoes with it! The right kinda shoes have the power to make any outfit look super cool and make you feel more confident. Flat shoes are now our fashion trends. […]

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20 Apr , 2017  

FIVE TIPS FOR HANDLING DIFFICULT OUTFITS   Being fashionable simply means in what outfit you are comfortable. Be confident in what you wear. You might have found it very difficult to carry it off. We often complain about our traditional outfit to handle. The problem is not with girls but boys too complain sometimes. Today […]

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7 Reason you should always match your Shoes with your Purse

5 Apr , 2017  

  Tips on how to match shoes with your purse     “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. We define women personality with her shoes. We think that if we have a nice outfit then we really don’t care about our shoes. But, you are wrong. People often notice […]

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5 chic shoe secrets supermodels won’t tell you!!

23 Jul , 2016  

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  ULTIMATE SHOE GUIDE   You have your outfit already decided weeks ago for your girls night out but now it’s just two days to go and what footwear would go with that little black dress haunts you! You go on trying heels and flats and end up with a huge pile of mess and […]

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