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5 Ways to Style Your Scarf This Winter

24 Jan , 2019  

The French Knot Belted Scarf Scarf Vest Scarf Necktie

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Why Free Stylist is what you need right now!

15 Feb , 2018  

What if we tell you that Ranbir Kapoor’s stylist would style you every morning. Yes, you heard that right. SIGN UP NOW The reason why Kakcho started was to solve a doubt that crosses our mind every morning I.e. What should I wear? Each one of us confronts a confusion in deciding what to wear every. […]

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27 Sep , 2017  

 STYLE YOUR OVERSIZED SWEATER Oh, so you thought you could only wear an oversized sweater with skinny jeans? Well, you should think again! We challenge you to push your thinking today with this one piece of garment. And even though if you think oversized sweaters are not your cup of tea, you can be sure […]

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How to dress for Hourglass body shape.

16 May , 2017  

Shapes embrace your femininity and take advantage of your curves, make peace with your hourglass shape and strut your stuff. What is actually Hourglass Shape? The hips and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear […]

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What to wear if you are a Rectangle body shape

11 May , 2017  

Knowing your body shape is ONE of most crucial steps to finding styles that suit you. So today we will talk about rectangle body shape. What is Rectangle body shape? Rectangle body shape is when you have no defined waist. The hips tend to have a similar width as the shoulders. You do not have a […]

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5 shoe types on a mission to bring out the man in you!

3 Aug , 2016  

MEN, SHOE GAME ON! If you look at a man, judge him by his shoes they say. After all, shoes are what differentiate a man from a boy. But sadly, not a lot of guys realise how the girl they’re trying to impress at the bar is secretly judging him by his shoes. And for […]

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Saree with a twist – Kakcho

8 Jul , 2016  

  Saree is one of the most versatile piece of clothing which goes well for any body type. The outfit, in different forms has persisted for years in the country. What was once traditional or associated with something cultural has now become a global trend in the recent times. From Nivi style to Rajrani, it’s […]

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8 secrets only Jesus knew about Maxi Dress

29 Jun , 2016  

ways to style your maxi dress

EVERYDAY MAXI   Summer Vibe, eh? In scorching heat like this, flowy maxi dresses subtly create a graceful style statement. The summer staple should be versatile and maxi dresses are one of these pieces. Get yourself those long, billowing silhouettes in floral prints or pastel shades. Match them with flat forms for a relaxed or […]

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A Party freak’s guide to makeup!

26 Apr , 2016  

Breakup? …. then Makeup!   Summers can be pretty monotonous and boring at times. When all your friends are busy and your sibling’s out of town and you’re all by yourself listening to Taylor Swift’s love songs. But, you eventually have to get out of your lil den and start afresh. And what better than […]

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