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Get Sonam Kapoor Fun Summer Look!

1 Feb , 2019  

Apply a moisturiser to your face and let your skin absorb it. Follow it up by priming your face. Then apply a matte foundation all over your face. Apply concealer under your eyes in the shape of an inverted triangle to brighten up your under eye area. Apply a concealer shade closer to your foundation […]

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This Youtuber’s Heart Brows Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

31 Jan , 2019  

This heart brow came into being as a result of Victoria Vasquez’s creativity to hide her thinning bro tail. She initially started to draw a slit through her brows to conceal her sparse brow tail. She tried a heart shape on her brow for a Valentine’s Day look and it just stuck with her, she […]

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Office Makeup Look Inspired by Sonam Kapoor

29 Jan , 2019  

Apply an illuminating primer to your face for that natural glow. Follow this up with a CC cream.  Apply a dark brown eyeshadow to your crease. Add a matte beige eyeshadow to the centre of your lid and blend it with the dark brown eyeshadow.  Apply a black kohl eyeliner on your upper eyelid and […]

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Winter Makeup Tips for that Ice Queen Glow

22 Jan , 2019  

Go for a Gentle Face Wash Your skin dries up during winters because of the weather and the last thing it needs is a harsh product stripping it off of its natural hydration. There’s a myth that most people believe in when it comes to basic hygiene, i.e., your skin is clean only when gets […]

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Are Men Ready For A Makeup Makeover?

19 Jan , 2019  

Masculinity is an ideology or a social construct that has been changing through the years. Since the definition of masculinity keeps on changing, so does its association with the way men dress, behave and carry out their roles in the society. Masculinity also differs from region to region, Kilts are masculine in Scotland whereas Dhotis […]

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Makeup for Hooded Eyes

12 Jan , 2019  

To determine whether you have hooded eyes. Open your eyes and grab a mirror. If you see a lack of visible eyelid space, you have hooded eyes. You’d see droopy lids like so.  Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes: Prime Your Eyes If you have hooded eyes, you’re aware of the dreaded amount of lid space. […]

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Wearing Makeup and Body Positivity

11 Jan , 2019  

Here we’re all about self-love and body positivity. Why not make a resolution this year to let your skin breathe and being more confident in yourself to be able to step out of the house without any makeup? Keeping makeup on your face for long hours blocks your pores which leads to breakouts and acne […]

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Makeup Blunders To Avoid

10 Jan , 2019  

Brows If your brows are still in a trauma from overplucking in the 90s fill them softly with a brow powder or a pencil. Don’t go overboard with a harshly drown brow. If you like bold brows, stop drawing them like sharpie brows. Draw an arch which aligns with the natural shape of your brows.  […]

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