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Jewellery For Your Big Day: For Men

19 Dec , 2018  

With the thinning gender boundaries and the introduction of jewellery in Men’s fashion by Givenchy and McQueen, jewellery for men is no longer constrained to Hollywood gangsters. Here’s how you can stand out on your wedding day. Read the full blog here!

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Clothing tips to make you look more muscular

6 Dec , 2018  

Solid Coloured Tees Light colours like white or grey are less forgiving when it comes to exaggerating the curves. Black, on the other hand visibly cancels out all the body curves, and should be avoided.   Fitted Clothes Baggy clothes add volume to the entire body and hence, hide your physique. A well-tailored suit and […]

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Types Of Bracelets You Should Own

5 Dec , 2018  

Beaded Bracelets Beaded bracelets are simple yet an effective way to accessorise your outfit. Add a neutral toned/back bracelet with a watch and you’re good to go!   Leather-Chain Bracelet A leather bracelet with a metallic touch can transform your look from sophisticated to macho.   Woven Bracelet They give out a chilled and hippie […]

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How To Style A Vest Top

1 Dec , 2018  

Vest and Jeans If you want to keep your legs covered, you might want to pair jeans with your vest. Add some loafers and a hat to put the look together. Vest and Shorts No brainer here. Vest goes really well with shorts and makes for a casual and beachy look. Just add a pair […]


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Style Mistakes to Avoid (For Men)

1 Dec , 2018  

Poor Fit Wear the clothes that fit you right. Going for a bigger size or a smaller size does not accentuate the right parts of your body.   Blue Jeans and Brown Brogues This seems to be trending in fashion but it needs the right styling to look pleasing. Go for slim fit jeans that […]

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How To Style A Waistcoat

1 Dec , 2018  

Button It Up A waistcoat is not a jacket, it does not look pleasing when open. Button up all the way up except for the last one for a smart look. Suit The most classic ensemble of a waistcoat is with a suit jacket. Make sure that the colour of the waistcoat matches the blazer […]

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Men Wardrobe Essentials!

20 Mar , 2017  

Good morning, ain’t it a bright day to go out and make the most of your day? But are you sure about your attire of the day? Or are you even sure about your wardrobe collection? Do you have all basic necessities in your ” ready to go wardrobe “? For that, first, you need to know […]

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5 shoe types on a mission to bring out the man in you!

3 Aug , 2016  

MEN, SHOE GAME ON! If you look at a man, judge him by his shoes they say. After all, shoes are what differentiate a man from a boy. But sadly, not a lot of guys realise how the girl they’re trying to impress at the bar is secretly judging him by his shoes. And for […]

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