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Style Mistakes to Avoid (For Men)

1 Dec , 2018  

Poor Fit Wear the clothes that fit you right. Going for a bigger size or a smaller size does not accentuate the right parts of your body.   Blue Jeans and Brown Brogues This seems to be trending in fashion but it needs the right styling to look pleasing. Go for slim fit jeans that […]

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23 Mar , 2018  

INFINITE LOVE FOR DENIM!! Denim is the need of the hour. Without it, our life seems so empty. From James Dean in the 1950s to Ranveer Singh in 2018, Jeans and denim have been every celebrity’s favorite pick. It’s the best pick when we want to look our best we either pull a nice blouse […]

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Revamping your old clothes!

21 Mar , 2018  

Bored of old clothes? Style never goes out of fashion, and it does have a tendency of repetition with the time. A few handy changes and minor amends can do wonders for your old-fashioned styles which would surely add on to the options available in your wardrobe. Some detailing will add sheen to your less […]

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Vintage Style straight from your Wardrobe

5 Mar , 2018  

All you need for a Retro look Retrovolution: mining the past to make the future In a retro look, you mix 21st-century functionality with 20th-century looks. A retro or vintage style is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends or attitudes of the past. Classics are resurrected by designers who are in search […]

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26 Feb , 2018  

Asos is the one of the most trending fashion and beauty online British store, selling over 850 brands under 1 roof. They offer womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery and beauty products worldwide. Presenting ASOS Curves IT’S TIME TO FLAUNT THAT CURVE! Say goodbye to awkward-fitting plus-size fashion with the ASOS CURVE collection because women’s curve is to be […]

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5 Feb , 2018  

I AM A UNICORN- BEND THE GENDER RULES I am not made of a single color. I am a blend of color. A blend of thoughts and emotions. I am a Unicorn.   I am not trapped in my body. I am trapped in other people’s perception of my body.   When it comes to […]

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24 Nov , 2017  

WINTER ESSENTIALS TO HAVE IN YOUR CLOSET It’s Time for winter fashion with layers This winter is all about corduroy and cashmere, coats and boots, body swamping scarfs and thick sweaters over flimsy dresses. A hasty purchase of the newest trends may temporarily satisfy the urge to splurge but it’s far wiser to think a […]

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6 ways to fix those bad hair days

9 May , 2017  

Say NO to bad hair days When you realize that some days your hair is going to look like shit and you feel really less confident about your look, don’t worry girls it is just a bad hair day. So, to catch up with these kind of days we are for you girls with some […]

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10 ways lazy girls can dress up for parties and look appealing.

12 Apr , 2017  

They say girls take hours to get ready. They mock us by saying that our makeup products range is so lengthy that it takes half an hour only to name them. Okay, we agree on this. We take lots of time to get ready but that all depends on our mood. I am one big […]

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