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Winter Wedding Hacks To Keep You Warm

4 Dec , 2018  

Pastel Please Weddings aren’t about reds anymore. Pastels are not only contemporary but terribly graceful! Layer It Up You can wear a heavy and warm dupatta over your lehenga or a stunning shawl over your sarees. Men can add stylish jackets on top to compliment their outfit. Accessorise Right When you are layering up over […]

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What dress we must wear on our best friend’s Wedding

15 May , 2017  

What you should be wearing to your BFF’s Wedding? Wedding season in India is no less than a festival with so many events to attend, with all that dancing and, of course, the mouth-watering food. Wedding season is something we all wait for each year. While it’s all good to attend, dance and eat at a wedding, […]

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6 Blouse designs for this WEDDING season!

26 Apr , 2017  

Blouse designs you can’t miss this wedding season   We spend the sleepless night searching through the internet looking for that perfect back design for our blouse that will just add an extra factor to the outfit we are going to our BFF’s wedding. Because the more interesting one keeps her back, the more brownie […]

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20 Apr , 2017  

FIVE TIPS FOR HANDLING DIFFICULT OUTFITS   Being fashionable simply means in what outfit you are comfortable. Be confident in what you wear. You might have found it very difficult to carry it off. We often complain about our traditional outfit to handle. The problem is not with girls but boys too complain sometimes. Today […]

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7 Reason you should always match your Shoes with your Purse

5 Apr , 2017  

  Tips on how to match shoes with your purse     “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. We define women personality with her shoes. We think that if we have a nice outfit then we really don’t care about our shoes. But, you are wrong. People often notice […]

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