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Winter Must Haves For Your Wardrobe This Year

7 Dec , 2018  

Leather Leather goes with anything and everything and it is not limited to just jackets. You can get them as pants, skirts and tops of various different shades!   Winter Denim The infamous faux fur denim jacket has yet made a comeback and we are glad.   Velvet The velvet world is calling you again […]


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Different Ways Of Wearing A Beanie

5 Dec , 2018  

David Beckham Way Cover just the top of your ears and push the beanie far back on the top of your head and let some hair tuft out in the front.   High-Top Let the beanie rest above the top of your ears and push it back. Pull the beanie and make sure it sits […]

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23 Nov , 2017  

PACKING FOR A WINTER HOLIDAY When visiting countries where you’ll need to dress warmly, packing can feel like a struggle. All kinds of sweaters and jackets can ultimately make your bag so heavy that you might not even be able to carry it or if you can it’ll be extremely tough. So here are tips […]

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