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The Anti – Valentine’s Day

13 Feb , 2018  


It’s really simple, do the opposite!

This time , don’t do the same old cliche stuff. Get over the cheesy coochie coo and do something adventurous. We know it’s all about love but this Valentine’s Day, ditch the common habits and surprise your lover with your new ideas! Here are a few creative ideas to help you out.


1. DON’T wear red on V-day

We have Christmas for a red outfit! So choose a light coloured outfit and accessorize it with red colour add ons like jewellery, shoes, handbags, etc. Make your outfit stand out in a room full of Santas.

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2. Girls, this one’s for you.

DON’T wait for him to give you a rose. You make that move instead. Go, get him!

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…or maybe a cactus, if he hurts?


3. DON’T go on a dinner date

Instead exercise together. Go on a workout date. Reserve a yoga mat, not a restaurant table.

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4. DON’T watch lovey dovey movies.

Watch movies with absolutely no romance in them. Go for comedy.

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5. We know it’s a love affair but

DON’T play heart games, play board games. Challenge each other in a game of chess or get entangled like earphones in a game of twister. Call your other couple friends for group games and make it fun!

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6. DON’T buy each other expensive gifts

You have plenty of days to gift each other. Birthday, anniversary, etc solely and specifically dedicated to just the both of you. This year on Valentine’s day, share the love with those struggling hard for a living. Your 1000 bucks tee can be converted into a whole month’s groceries for them. Do a good deed together. Trust me, it’s more satisfying this way


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Photography by : Shubham Agarwal

Models : Self, Parth Mathur

Props : Harman Madhok

Wardrobe Courtesy : Myntra

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