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The Close Intersection of Fashion and Technology

29 Mar , 2017  


Stepping into a Techno-Fashion Era!!!

Gone are the days when technology was meant for geeks and nerds, today even the most flamboyant and debonair people rely on technology for styling their day-to-day looks. We live in an era that has witnessed the swift transitioning of the main stream fashion industry into a techno-based industry. The postulates of the upcoming fashion trends are solely predicated on the technological advancements. Hence, both technology and fashion go hand in hand, now!

Now, lets discuss a few ways through which technology fluently amalgamated with fashion, affecting our lives:

1.Wearable Technology:

With an introduction of technology to fashion accessories, many top notch companies like Apple, Fitbit, Sony, Garmin, etc have made smart accessories a fashion statement. Apple watches have been one of the most trending pieces of accessory these days. Moreover, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has recently introduced smart jewelry called Ela. Ranging from a smart engagement ring to smart bracelets, everything can easily be connected to your laptop or tablet.


2. Fashion Blogs:

Recently, there has been a prodigious escalation in the number of fashion blogs over the web. Various fashion bloggers have decoded fashion for the mango people, keeping them abreast with the latest trends in the industry.

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3. Digital Fitting Rooms and Interactive Mirrors:

This has been a new advancement in the field of fashion. These days the concept of interactive mirrors and digital fitting rooms has taken a troll, after eBay and Rebecca Minkoff introduced it to their stores. An interactive mirror allows a customer to access the whole collection of a store, watch the runway shows and browse through anything happening on the social media channel of the brand. At just a click, the customer can select the desired couture in the apt size and can send it to the fitting room. The customisable digital fitting rooms are well equipped to adapt the environment according to the shopper and things like lights, saturation and even the temperature can be adjusted at a finger touch. Isn’t this mind bobbling!

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4. Digital Realtime Assistance on Styling:

I think we must thank technology for resolving the eternal question in everyone’s life-What should I wear, today???? With the limited number of clothes you have, digital styling apps like Kakcho have come to your rescue. Being your personal assistant, your clothes can be styled in the best possible combination and you can walk out like a fashionista, flaunting your trendy looks.

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5. Ecommerce Websites:

Consumers can easily look for their favorite designer and can browse through the whole collection, at just a click at the e-commerce websites. Sitting back at home you can easily order any things of your choice and from any part of the world. Technology has made the fashion more accessible and can easily cater to the needs of a large spectrum of masses, altogether. Hence, technology is probably the biggest gift to the fashion industry.



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