The HIT brands and styles of 2017

2017 has been the year which has brought the ‘blast from the past’ to life. From bell sleeves to chokers and from loud floral patterns to striped pants; all the old styles are back with a bang. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, gave the styles of 2017 a makeover which embraces self-expression and self-identity by bending the rules of a gender stereotypical fashion. The Gucci collection of 2017 exhumes an essence of history in this modern world of fashion. He has clubbed the best of fashion from the past and from the present, making it into something that has impacted the fashion industry. Gucci’s logo t-shirt has been the top search on Google in June and its Marmont bag is expected to be the next big search in the upcoming month. The brand also set trends for floral, unsymmetrical prints and stripes.

The next brand to top the charts is Forever 21 with their plaid skirt topping the most searched for item in the month of February. In their collection this year, they have made ample use of bright floral, and striped patterned in their dresses and skirts. The next two brands on the top list are Balenciaga and Vetements, followed by Free People. Saint Laurent, Nike, Topshop, Michael Kors and Givenchy were also included in the top 10 search for brands.
T-shirts with political and personal messages also were a hit this year. People used fashion to express and put their views and opinions out there. Also, logo t-shirts of brands like Gucci, Loewe, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga were a popular search.

The blast from the past styles that were a hit included styles from the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. Crop top came back into fashion this year and was embraced by the public with great enthusiasm. Mustard toned clothes and spaghetti tops also made a comeback this season. In shoes, glittering disco shoes and white shoes charmingly came back to life and became the next big thing in footwear.




Most popular colors and materials this year

Bold shades of red and pink were the fad this year. Yellow, orange, silver, mustard, electric blue and khaki were also a popular choice amongst the public. Gingham, velvet, floral, corduroy, fishnet, vinyl, wicker, plaid, and palm prints were on the forefront of fabrics and patterns. Ankle and thigh high boots of leather and suede popularized quickly. Unicorns were the top search of September as these cute mythical creatures make the cutest prints of clothes or accessories. Fruit prints were also a big hit this season as cherry, lemon, pineapple and pumpkin prints were heavily searched for.



The top influencers

Rihanna was the one to top the list of the biggest celebrity influencers who was followed by Selena Gomez and then Bella Hadid. Apart from them, Meghan Markle, Melania Trump, and Kate Middleton were also on the scene. Kylie Jenner, A$ap Rocky, and Emily Ratajkowski were in the top 10 for the most influential people.


Top searched products

For bags, the lead was taken by Gucci Marmont which was followed by JW Anderson Pierce, Chole Nile, Cult Gaia Ark, Gucci Dionysus, Dior J’adior, Balenciaga Arena, Loewe Elephant, Simon Miler Bonsai and Off-White Binder Clip.


Fenty Puma Bow was the most searched for sneakers. Balenciaga Speed followed next and then Gucci Ace, Vans Old Skool, and Adidas Gazelle came after making it to the top 5.


Balenciaga Swing Puffer jacket was the most searched for in the month of November whereas the Topshop Shearling Biker was the most searched product for in the month of October and Balenciaga Speed Sneakers was the top search in the month of September.



The Denim Experimentation

After the fad of the skinny jeans, people are now trying to experiment with different types of jeans like inside out jeans, splattered denim, jeans with detachable legs, plastic jeans, and zip-up crotches. Vetements x Levis zip down bare butt style collaboration and plastic denim by Topshop were the top searches for crazy types of denim. Even though skinny jeans remained to be in the top 6, mom jeans, straight leg jeans, frayed hems, embroidered jeans and kick flare jeans were also the unconventional types that made it into the top 6 searches for denim styles. 


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