The Key to Your Best Look Could Be Better Sleep Habits

19 Dec , 2018  


We live in a youth-obsessed culture. Everyone seems to be chasing that healthy, all-natural glow, and their quests often involve painful procedures and questionable beauty routines. But what if the secret to a younger-looking you isn’t a product or service you can buy? Better sleep habits can have a powerful effect on your mind, body, and overall well-being. Studies show that sleep has the power to refresh your skin and keep you glowing, among other great benefits. Here are a few tips to help you build better sleep habits of your own. 

Build a Better Bed for Better Sleep Habits 

You know that the right accessories can really anchor your look. But did you know that your bed can do the same for your sleep? Creating better sleep habits often starts with a serious assessment of your mattress. Just like fashion, mattresses have evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Fresh technologies and fresh designs mean there is bound to be a bed made specifically for your sleep style. You can take the hassle out of shopping for a new bed by reading through online reviews and mattress guides. These resources will provide everything you need to make the right choice, including easy-to-understand overviews, pros and cons of mattress styles, and current pricing.

Once you’ve landed on the perfect mattress, up your sleeping habits with some cozy cooling sheets too. Moisture-wicking materials like bamboo and microfiber will keep your skin dry while providing soft support for your sleep. Of course, no bed is complete without comfy pillows so pick up a few that are suited to your sleep position. 

Improve Your Routine to Support Your Beauty Sleep 

Having a comfy bed is the first step in creating better sleep habits, but you may also need to do some work on your evening routine. If you currently spend those pre-bedtime hours surfing social media or bingeing Netflix, you could be sabotaging your sleep efforts. Over the years, multiple studies have shown that spending time staring at screens before bed has a negative impact on the brain’s ability to sleep. All that bright light interferes with melatonin production, and there’s no good way to rev it back up.

So, use those hours before you slip into your new bed for more sleep-positive activities. Relax in a warm bath or shower, journal some positive thoughts, or spend a few minutes stretching to prepare yourself for better sleep. If you tend to get the midnight munchies, be mindful of what you eat as well. Opt for melatonin-rich snacks, such as tart cherries and oats. 

Stay Healthy Throughout the Day for Better Sleep 

It’s undeniable that a relaxing night-time routine can promote better sleep habits. Your habits during the day, however, can have an influence on your sleep quality too. Waking up at the same time every morning can help your body adjust to a new sleep schedule, but getting up early enough for some morning exercise is the perfect remedy for bad sleep habits. Better sleep is just one of the benefits of a morning workout routine though, as a little exercise can curb unhealthy cravings and increase your energy levels too. So, try to leave enough time in your mornings for some calorie-burning cardio or strength training.

Stress relief is crucial for beauty-enhancing sleep as well, so find ways to release any tension that builds throughout the day. Meditation can be a seriously effective stress-tamer and can boost that youthful glow by encouraging positive energy too. Set up a small meditation area in your home and use those mindful minutes to relax your mind and let your stress melt away. Taking better care of your mind, body, and soul is a smart way to enhance your sleep habits. 

All the highlighters and concealers in the world can’t replace a good night’s sleep. So, make sure you always look fierce enough to take on your day by building better sleep habits, starting tonight. It’s the best-kept secret for that healthy, natural glow! 

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