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The Moustache Guide

14 Dec , 2018  


Embrace your growth patterns
Let’s be real, we can’t all grow a full-blown Selleck and that’s okay. Find your celebrity doppelganger and go through the moustaches they have had.

Get the right tools
Trimmer: Snip off the strays whenever required to keep the look neat even when you’re growing out your moustache.

Moustache Scissors: Scissors are an easy help to snip a straight line across your lip and spot correct any strays.

Buy the right products.
Moustache wax: Your moustache won’t style itself and it can be a real pain if your moustache has a brain of its own. Use a wax to keep it in place.

Beard Oil: Moustache hairs are thick and tend to irritate the skin when they get dry. Keep your whiskers soft by using a few drops to oil every morning.

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