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The Right Coloured Outfits With Your Complexion: For Men

8 Jan , 2019  


Fair/Pale Skin

The contrasting colours to your skin tone will bring some colour to your complexion. Go for a mixture of dark and light shades like grey, brown, green, yellow, burgundy, navy blue etc.

Avoid totally pastel, light or neutral shades because they will just further wash you out. Choose shades like khaki, dark grey and tan. 

Olive/Medium Skin

If your skin tans instead of burning in the sun, you have a warm complexion. Most colours work with olive skin. Go for light or dark colours and not the ones which exactly match your skin tone, for example, go for a light beige instead of a warm brown or go for a purple instead of a dust rose. White would bring out your skin tone further. 

Avoid yellow, pistachio, mustard and mocha brown. 

Dark Skin

You can easily rock bold and bright colours like electric blue and emerald green but balance them out with a garment of neutral shade to pull the look together.

Brown will wash your skin out. If blues and blacks you have are very similar to your skin tone, try keeping them at minimal. 

These are just tips and style is all about expressing who you are. Wear whatever you do with confidence!

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