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27 Sep , 2017  



Oh, so you thought you could only wear an oversized sweater with skinny jeans? Well, you should think again! We challenge you to push your thinking today with this one piece of garment.

And even though if you think oversized sweaters are not your cup of tea, you can be sure that you will find one way or the other to wear it, through this post.


#1. With skinny jeans, stockings, and leggings

The basic. If you have shapely legs and want a casual look for the day then these are the ways to wear the oversized sweater. Wear a sweater and show them off.


#2. With leather pants

Trust us, oversized sweaters against faux or real leather pants look rather chic. You have a pair of leather pants and a nice big sweater? Put them together without a doubt, with leather thigh high boots and you are good to go.


#3. With shorts

Now this one may not work for extreme cold, but try it when the weather is in our favor. Tuck it in for a slightly less-oversized appearance, or leave it out for a complete commitment. Put on a pair of sneakers, and you can also wear a denim jacket to pull that girl next door look.


#4. With joggers

A pair of joggers with over-sized sweater can make you look completely cool; pairing it up with ankle boots leaving the sweater either untucked OR tuck it in. Complete the look by accessorizing with chains and tell us how many eyes you catch.


#5. As a dress

This is one of the easiest ways to wear your over-sized sweaters, wearing thigh high boots and a sling bag and your look is complete!


#6. Layering up

This is one of the craziest looks (in a good way) to set a bold statement. Wear an over-size shirt with a pair of leggings and throw your sweater over it with a pair of ankle boots OR wear a dress and throw your over-sized short sweater over it with a pair of heels.


#7. With coats

One of the most stylish and classiest ways to style your over-sized sweaters is by wearing a coat or a blazer over it. Put on your sweater either with a formal pair of coat and pants tucking it a little in OR wear it with a trench coat and thigh high boots.


#8. With skirts

This is one of my favorite pairings which can make you look really chic. Wear it as you like either tucking it inside the skirt or leaving it half tucked in or leaving it untucked pairing it with ankle boots or a pair of heels or a pair of stilettos and a nice handbag (to collect those compliments).


#9. With thigh high socks

Time to get your old long socks out, that you thought are out of fashion but its trending again, so get them out and put them on with a pair of boots or shoes and your over-sized sweaters.


#10. Off shoulders

Sweaters can be off shoulder too, they aren’t just meant to secure you from cold but can also make you look extremely fashionable if done right. Pairing your off-shoulder sweaters with a pair of high waisted jeans OR with a pair of slacks for one of those kickass looks.

If you need more styling tips talk to our stylist   chat with our stylists and get ready to recieve more compliments.

chat with our stylists and get ready to recieve more compliments.



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