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Types Of Boots You Need In Your Wardrobe

29 Dec , 2018  


These boots will take your style game to another level.


These will take your outfit to another level. They can be worn with dresses, jeans or trousers and work well in casual and party settings.

Peep-Toe Boots

These can transform your outfit based on how you wear them. They can be worn with jeans, leather jackets and dresses. They come in neutral colours which are good for daytime looks or you can wear them in bright colours to give a pop of colour.

Moto Boots

These have a rugged and grungy vibe to them. They would go well with any 90s look that you want to create. They also give an androgynous vibe.

Printed Boots

They can match with your outfit or add more dimension to a plain one with the scattered prints.

Cowboy Boots

These are perfect for everyday wear and look stylish with the embossed textures on them.

Chunky Platform Boots

If there’s anything that screams 90s Grunge, it is these boots. For all emos and ex-emos these are the go-tos.

Stiletto Boots

The stiletto heels just give the right amount of feminine touch to the boots and make them perfectly for all the fancy occasions.


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