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Types Of Jeans According To Body Type: Men

12 Jan , 2019  


Straight Leg Jeans

This looks flattering on most body types. If you are on the heavier side avoid the low-waist which would accentuate the bulge, rather opt for the mid-rise.

Skinny Jeans

Go for skinny jeans if your stature is on the leaner side. If you are very skinny, refrain from this fit because it will make you look even skinnier. 

Tapered Fit

If you have a smaller frame, this fit will suit you the best. But make sure that the jeans is ankle length, roomier at the top and tighter at the bottom. 

Slim Fit

If you are tall, go for a slim fit with a low-rise. The low-rise will balance out your body proportion. Slim fit also looks good on lean body types. 

Relaxed Fit

This suits muscular and bulgier body types because it balances out the top and the bottom half on the body. 

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