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26 Mar , 2018  



Which color should I wear? Is it still a question in your mind? Then why not opt for the color of this year, Ultraviolet, Pantone 18-3838. Violet, a combination of both red and blue also holds the qualities of both, by representing courage and strength of the red and tranquil effect of blue. Violet, a color for imagination and wisdom, is chosen as the Pantone color 2018 because this year has to be a year full of thoughtfulness and imagination leading to new inventions and new discoveries. Ultraviolet, in other words, the formal color, is a color which represents luxury, wealth, royalty and power and one gets a royal feeling while in a violet dress as it adds elegance to your personality. So, let’s shop Ultraviolet.

1. Ultraviolet off-Shoulder maxi dress

What if you have to go for dinner with your friends and you are sick of wearing the same trousers and shirt and you want to wear something bold yet elegant. This will work out best on such occasions. This ultraviolet off-shoulder dress will impart the bold look and the look elegant because of the violet color. Don’t forget to wear these matching ultraviolet tassel earrings and the leather peep toes to make yourself look gorgeous.



Off-shoulder dress                                                                                    Tassel earrings

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Leather peep toes

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2. Ultraviolet knitted dress

Get the chic look with this ultraviolet knitted sweater dress with choker neckline. A dress comfortable to be worn throughout the year, as it is short you won’t feel hot in summers and being a sweater dress it will be your favorite pick in winter. Pairing it with ugg boots or pumps will give the best look. An overcoat can be added to provide warmth during winters and to get the cool look.


Knitted dress with choker neck                                                                            Ugg boots


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3. Sequinned crop top

What if you suddenly have to go for partying and you don’t have anything that funky to wear. Here is a choice for you. You can wear this sequinned crop top for any party with a pleated skirt below without even giving it a second thought. Try wearing a leather jacket over it with t-strap platform pumps in order to look gorgeous. The look will startle the public.


Sequinned crop top                                                                                                  Pleated skirt

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T-strap platform pumps                                                                                          Leather jacket

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4.Ultraviolet aviator sunglasses

Summer has already set in and now it is time for us to take out our sunglasses to protect ourselves from the UV rays of the sun. Buy this ultraviolet aviator sunglasses to get the decent look this summer.

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5. Ultraviolet colored makeup to look gorgeous


Maybelline lipstick                      Violet eyeliner                                    Eye shadow palette

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